Backline is best for Borg

THE ABILITY to play in more than one position is just about a necessity for budding prospects these days. Luckily enough for North Adelaide tall Amelie Borg, that kind of versatility is a hallmark of her game. In what was effectively her first full crack at a SANFLW season in 2021, the 17-year-old earned Team of the Year honours as a defender, but plugged a different gap in the state Under 19 side.

At 177cm, the utility also doubled as a ruck for the Croweaters and was one of just two bottom-agers fielded during South Australia’s championship stint. While she proved reliable fold for eventual Adelaide draftee Zoe Prowse, Borg still feels very much at home down back.

“Playing ruck was good because I really like to take marks and I felt like that aspect was really good for me… I liked having the tall responsibility,” Borg said.

“I really like half-back, that’s my preferred position. I’m tall and I don’t mind rucking, but preferably at half-back is where I like to play the best. I definitely see myself as a defender at the next carnival.”

As a late call-up to the state squad, the younger Borg enjoyed a warm welcome and since starting out in Australian rules football in 2017, has thrived in team environments.

“The girls were all so welcoming because I came in late and hardly knew anyone,” she said. “It was awesome to go away and get to spend time with them.

“I just the love the thought of working with a team. Team is a huge aspect because I did athletics and it was all individual and it’s just all on yourself, whereas in a team you’re all in it together so I love that.”

That same kind of sentiment carried on throughout her nine-game SANFLW campaign with North Adelaide, which ended in the “buzz” of Team of the Year selection.

“I was nervous going into the SANFLW season but all the girls got around me and they just made me feel so welcome,” Borg said. “Then in the backline I had very good directors to help me, which even in the state team I had as well which was awesome and helped me play to my best.”

Borg’s best is something she is still striving towards, with a couple of key improvement areas to enhance. Along with the widely shared goal of being drafted to an AFLW club, the South Australian is working hard to ensure her game is as well-rounded as possible.

“I really want to improve on my kicking,” she said. “That’s the main aspect of my game which I need to improve which my coaches told me, so I’m trying to get down to the oval as much as I can at the moment to try and improve it.

“If I want to keep going further in my career then I’ll need to improve on that which I understand. My goal is to be drafted but I’m going to keep trying (if not) and I love the SANFLW as well, so I’ll just keep playing there and working my hardest.”

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