WAFL Colts Player Focus: Jedd Busslinger (East Perth)

ONE of the most eye-catching names in the 2022 AFL Draft crop, East Perth key position player Jedd Busslinger, started like a house on fire in Round 1 of the West Australian Football League (WAFL) Colts season. Playing in defence, Busslinger dominated in the first half to rack up 18 disposals, seven marks and seven rebound 50s, also getting forward for two inside 50s and even a goal. Though his second half was quieter – given the Royals were well on top in terms of forward half possession – Busslinger was still a clear best on ground in the 31-point victory.

East Perth-logoEast PerthKey Defender

Jedd Busslinger

Height: 196cm

Weight: 82kg

DOB: 11-03-2004

Decision making
Footy IQ
Intercept marking
Kicking penetration
Draft range: Pick 5-20

East Perth 11.11 (77) defeated Swan Districts 6.10 (46)

Stats: 26 disposals (22 kicks, 4 handballs), 8 marks, 2 inside 50s, 10 rebound 50s, 1 goal


Busslinger’s opening term was absolutely ridiculous as he was a lynchpin with the game in the balance early, being an intercept marking machine. He pulled down four intercept marks, had four inside 50s, and picked up nine disposals. He even got forward and kicked a goal, and played as good of a quarter as anyone could expect from a key defender.

His first touch came from a mark in the back pocket and long kick down the line to hit up a teammate at half-back, then applied pressure with an attempted smother to force a rushed kick on goal and a no score from the Black Ducks. At the nine minute mark of the quarter, Busslinger kicked long from full-back, travelling 60m to go to the defensive side of the wing. Unfortunately that turned out to be a direct turnover, but the next kick inside 50 he marked.

That kick proved effective with a shorter, more precise kick. He continued to kick out from full-back, with the next decision a barely-15m pass sideways, then a couple of minutes later pushed up the ground to receive the handball and quickly give it off. Just 30 seconds later he took a great intercept mark 30m out dropping into the hole, and hit up a target at half-back with great vision and decision making.

He was not done for the quarter though, mopping up in the middle at the 14-minute mark to hit a target just inside 50, then took a great intercept and produced an elite kick to the wing with ease. He took another intercept mark pushing about 60m out from his own attacking goal in the final few minutes, and after getting a 50m encroachment, kicked the goal from 25m out to get on the scoreboard.


Having another big quarter of nine disposals, and ending the half with 18 touches, as well as seven marks and seven rebound 50s, Busslinger could head into half-time as easily the best on ground. He started the term with a long kick out from the defensive 50, but that was turned over. Not only after, he received it and handballed to a teammate, receiving it back but immediately was set upon, dispossessed and given holding the ball.

After a while without too much action near him, Busslinger had another touch from a kick out on the last line, switching the ball neatly across goal. He found himself up on the wing a minute later orchestrating a one-two y hand, and then worked back into defence to keep the ball in front of him before cleanly taking it and kicking effectively long out of defence.

In the 19th minute of the term, Busslinger took a fantastic contested intercept mark, and he was able to kick long to the wing to a contest which was effective enough. Rounding out a super half of footballer, Busslinger pulled down yet another mark, this time on the wing, though the kick was turned over going inside 50.


Though not as impactful as his first half, Busslinger still had a handful of touches in the third term and was involved in a number of defensive acts. He had his 19th disposal just one minute into the third quarter with a long effective kick out of the back 50 down the ground to hit up a teammate. Though his next actual disposal was not until later in the term, Busslinger kept presenting.

He uncharacteristically dropped a mark when it slipped through his hands, but he was able to interrupt a handball going inside 50 by getting a hand to it a bit later. He was found out a little bit with leg speed when an opponent got goalside and gained some separation to hit up a teammate inside 50, though the eventuating set shot only went through for one behind. His sole kick for about 15 minutes was an effective one from half-back to the wing in the 11th minute.

Busslinger had a busy last few minutes, with a nice intercept mark in the 17th minute, but when he tried to run one way then the other turned the ball over by foot with a short kick. His next kick was also a turnover by kicking it straight out on the full, having a few moments he would take back. But overall, he was up to 22 disposals by the final break, also having nine rebound 50s and eight marks.


The final quarter saw him only pick up the three kicks, and the first of which was a turnover in the fifth minute. It meant he had three consecutive disposals as turnovers, but that soon changed with another couple of kicks that proved effective to close out his game. After that initial turnover kick, Busslinger produced a strong spoil in the defensive 50 to knock it out of bounds.

At the 12-minute mark, he took a great intercept mark on the wing, and nailed a short, effective kick into the middle to open up space in transition for his side. A minute later he spoiled a ball across the line one-on-one, then rushed through a behind in the 15th minute, saving a certain goal. His final touch was a long kick out of the defensive 05 which proved effective.

Busslinger almost had another disposal in the final few minutes, but the kick out aimed at him went wide and out of bounds. Overall, along with his 26 disposals, the East Perth tall was credited with eight marks (though we found nine), as well as 10 rebound 50s. Getting up the ground to have the two inside 50s and kick a goal, the talented key position player had a game to remember to start his season.

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