Baird salutes in NT AFLW U16 clashes

TEAM Baird has taken out the Northern Territory’s AFL Women’s Under 16 Championships with comfortable back-to-back wins over Team Ponter. The teams – named after AFLW players Janet Baird and Danielle Ponter – were split between a variety of talent across the Northern Territory that featured age groups from 2005-born players through to 2008-born talents. In game one, Baird got up by 46 points, before triumphing by 37 points in game two to claim the series.

Emma Stark lead the way for Team Baird as she slammed home three goals in each of the two match in a terrific series that included averaging 24 disposals and eight marks as well. The exciting prospect was alongside Annabel Kievit with the draft-eligible Kievit also stepping up in a huge way in the second match to collect 25 disposals, four marks, eight tackles, 10 hitouts, three clearances, nine inside 50s and three goals in an all-round performance.

Sophie Berry had the unusual feat of playing for both sides, starting off with Team Ponter in game one where she helped herself to 12 disposals three marks, two inside 50s and three rebound 50s, before notching up 17 disposals, three marks, three tackles, two inside 50s, two rebound 50s and a goal in game two for Team Baird. Speaking of game one, Syrai Lansen and Shakaila Gardiner-Dunn were also among the better players.

Looking to Team Ponter across the series, Kierra Zerafa was the clear standout despite being involved in both defeats, averaging 19.5 disposals and kicking a goal in each match. Bonnie Brown, Taneisha Swan, Imogen Foxhaffer and Tsharni Graham were also among the better players for Team Ponter, in what was a more even team contribution, but not nearly enough to get them over the line despite a promising start in game two.

The series marks the end of the representative calendar for the Northern Territory talents, with the NTFL Women’s competition set to kick off on Saturday.


NT BAIRD 2.3 | 5.4 | 6.7 | 11.8 (74)
NT PONTER 1.1 | 2.2 | 4.4 | 4.4 (28)


Baird: E. Stark 3, S. Gardner-Dunn 3, E. Fitz 2, T. Bloomfield, T. Ronson, D. Braun
Ponter: S. Murphy 2, K. Zerafa, L. Gilby


Baird: E. Stark, S. Gardner-Dunn, A. Kievit, S. Lansen, L. Pollo
Ponter: K. Zerafa, S. Berry, S. Murphy, S. Malone, I. Foxchaffer


NT PONTER 3.0 | 4.3 | 6.5| 7.6 (48)
NT BAIRD 3.2 | 6.3 | 8.6 | 13.7 (85)


Ponter: B. Brown 3, L. Young 2, K. Zerafa, R. Maher-Moldrich
Baird: A. Kievit 3, E. Stark 3, C. Niesner 3, T. Ronson 2, S. Berry, T. Bloomfield


Ponter: K. Zerafa, T. Swan, B. Brown, K. Gikas, T. Graham
Baird: A. Kievit, E. Stark, S. Berry, T. Bloomfield, C. Niesner

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