Coach Cam encourages enjoyment after Giant win

IT was hard to wipe the smile off the face of GWS coach Cam Bernasconi’s face after his side got the chocolates against Hawthorn on the weekend, however he admitted the emotions were a bit all over the place in the final moments of the game.

“I’m going to age horribly in this job if they go down to the wire like that every game,” he said with a laugh.

“I was just so happy with the girls. It’s one of those things where it’s a game of moments, and I thought we played really well today but we left it until the last 15 seconds to get on top. But I’m just thrilled for the girls to sing the song today.”

Bernasconi’s message was a pretty simple one post game.

“The message was just enjoy the win,” he said. “I think sometimes when you can win a close one but you’ve missed a lot of opportunities you can feel that ‘Oh we should have done this, we should have done that’ but in the end we’re here to get four points and we did that.

“I’m just really massive on enjoying wins because when games get close again you remember that feeling that you’ve had today, so you fight to get that feeling again.”

The composure of some of his stars in the final moments of the match was something that really pleased Bernasconi.

“I think the most pleasing part of the final play was Alyce Parker not blazing away because sometimes in closer games when the runner is coming out saying 30 seconds, left it’s just chaos,” he said. “We had it in our front half for nearly the whole quarter and it was chaos, so I think Alyce’s ability to show some composure and to have that release handball to Barrsy [Nicola Barr] and then Barrsy just kicking the winning point, it’s a team game so I was rapt that Barrsy kicked it through at least one of the poles.”

Another player who won praise from Bernasconi post match was Georgia Garnett, who he says is having a “great season” to date.

“GG’s [Garnett] just such a quality kid,” he said. “She’s such a breath of fresh air coaching because she’s so positive and just wants to get back to enjoying the game. She’s having a great season just by her forward patterns. You know I think we’re looking at a player that’s going to be a serious good footballer in this season but for the years to come. She’s a magnet that opposition will put a lot of time into.”

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