Crows conundrum as Dons’ Davey delight

COLLINGWOOD is considering a bid on Adelaide father-son Max Michalanney with its first round selection in a shock move that would effectively wipe the Crows out of the first 60 picks. Collingwood’s Pick 16 – which will become at least 17 due to the bid on Will Ashcroft – would remove picks 42 and 52, and bump pick 54 back to 58.

Initially it was thought the Crows would be forced to match a bid in the 20s for the talented defender, but now the mid-teens are a huge possibly, with Collingwood one of a number of teams rating Michalanney as a first round prospect. In the scenario that Collingwood’s first round selection was used to bid on the father-son talent, Adelaide has the draft selections to match the 820 points, but would lose its first two selections, and its third would slide back a few spots.

The selections 42, 52 and 54 are based on the fact that Brisbane’s selections in the second round will be removed in order to match bids on both Ashcroft and fellow father-son prospect Jaspa Fletcher. The early bid further justifies the Crows’ decision to allow Next-Generation Academy prospect Isaac Keeler into the open draft.

If Adelaide was to trade back into this year’s draft post-matching the bid, the Crows hold North Melbourne’s round two pick, and Collingwood’s third round selection next year, having traded out their third and fourth round selections as part of the Izak Rankine deal. After matching a bid for Nick Daicos last year who went on to win the AFL’s Rising Star Award, the Magpies do not have a player expected to receive a bid in the National Draft.

Michalanney is an athletic defender with terrific aerial ability and intercept marking capacity. He can play on both talls and smalls, standing at 190cm and 78kg. Though he does have to build up his strength for the future, Michalanney reads the play well and rebounds consistently, which has caught the eye of opposition clubs ahead of the AFL Draft.

While it is bad news for the Crows, Essendon fans are set to receive an early Christmas present with father-son prospect Alwyn Davey Jr not receiving a bid until after the club’s second selection. Currently at Pick 22, fans were worried that a bid in the teens might swallow up their second pick to use on Davey, but as it stands, that bid will come in the mid 20s.

Though it means the Bombers will cough up later selections, Essendon has the flexibility to trade in or down the draft order, with Next-Generation Academy member Anthony Munkara another consideration for the Bombers. It looks likely the Northern Territory prospect could drop outside the Top 40, but with live trading in play, a club may consider to pinch him before he gets into the eligible zone to match.

Note: The picks are only estimates based on earlier father-son bid matches

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