Scouting notes: 2023 AFLW U17 Futures

IN an entertaining and hard-fought contest in Frankston, Team Harris got the job done over Team Schleicher for the AFLW Under 17 Futures showcase. We took a look at a few of the players from both sides who caught the eye.


#1 Zimra Hussain (Brisbane Lions Academy/Queensland)
01/01/2006 | 160cm | Defender/Midfielder

The small accumulator was able to hold her own coming out of the defensive half and got involved a fair bit around the ground. Though a touch fumbly at times, once she had it she was quick to dispose of the ball and had no qualms dishing it off under pressure. She worked her way into trouble at times but usually worked it out and generally was able to help her side get the ball forward.

#5 Jasmine Evans (Central District/South Australia)
05/02/2006 | 165cm | Wing/Forward

The SANFLW premiership player started the game with a clever one-handed mark and had has some ‘moments’ that caught the eye. She timed a lovely spoil and showed great class in dancing around an opponent. She did drop the ball a couple of times in the slightly dewy conditions, but showed a courageous attack on the ball, a strong aerial ability and aided the side in going forward.

#6 Lou-Lou Field (Western Jets/Vic Metro)
18/10/2006 | 167cm | Defender

The reliable defender was one of a number of distributors from the back half, and after turning a couple of kicks over early, settled into the game and was able to impact by foot with piercing balls down the ground. She was strong intercepting the ball and springboarding an attack from the back half, with her trusty left foot her weapon of choice.

#8 Sophie McKay (Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro)
27/04/2006 | 168cm | Midfielder/Forward

Winning the overall MVP, it goes without saying McKay starred in the win. Racking up 30 disposals, and a lot of those around the coalface, McKay showed her smarts and class time and time again. There were a few instances where she handballed to herself under pressure, and stepped through traffic with ease. On one occasion a handball to herself on the wing boundary line set the wheels in motion for a Team Harris goal. She had a shot on goal that missed in the third term, but finished the day as best afield for her work on the inside and spread to the outside.

South Australian Coby Morgan caught the eye with her speed further afield | Image credit: Rookie Me Central

#10 Coby Morgan (Norwood/South Australia)
14/11/2006 | 173cm | Forward/Midfielder

Her explosive speed was on display as the Norwood teenager spent more time up the ground than she often does at SANFLW level. Though her final polish is a work in progress, her determination to break the lines, work rate and courage were all evident in the match. She is right side dominant and opted for outside of the boot regularly, but has a real straight line burst to get separation on her opponents.

#11 Molly O’Hehir (South Fremantle/Western Australia)
24/05/2006 | 176cm | Defender

An intercepting force in the win, the All-Australian was superb in defence, both through her aerial prowess, and also her skill. She is a lovely user of the ball, and few can leap higher, with her athleticism providing a headache for the opposition. Overall, O’Hehir had 13 disposals, four marks and five rebbound 50s, but is the type of player where 13 touches feels like about 25 with her high impact-per-possession.

#12 Ella Parker (Sydney Swans Academy/NSW-ACT)
04/10/2006 | 170cm | Wing/Forward

Worked hard all day to get the ball forward, and though her execution was a bit rough when having to go at top speed, Parker provided great second and third efforts. She spread well across the forward half, taking a number of strong marks in space and showed off a clean set of heels. In the fourth term she sidestepped an opponent though the ball sprayed out of bounds, before shortly after running onto one and slotting the goal.

#16 Georgie Brisbane (Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro)
13/12/2006 | 175cm | Forward/Midfielder

It was a promising game from the Eastern Ranges tall who provided a highlight in the second quarter with an outstanding snap on goal that sailed home. She missed an easier set shot attempt later in the match, but got her hands on the ball more after the main break as she spent some time in the midfield and getting touch around the ground. One with enormous potential thanks to a power/size combination.

#17 Ash Centra (Gippsland Power/Vic Country)
02/06/2006 | 173cm | Midfielder/Forward

Along with McKay starred throughout the match, starting the match in the midfield then spending time forward. She was clean in the air and at ground level, had outstanding decision making and skill, and even hit the scoreboard after getting free and converting a set shot. Perhaps her only blemish was missing a goal running in from the top of the goalsquare at full tilt, but her ability to pick it up at speed was sensational. An all-round talent who is consistently dominating matches in various ways.

#19 Claire Mahony (GWV Rebels/Vic Country)
21/06/2006 | 181cm | Forward

The developing tall had plenty of other 175cm-plus players to share the forwardline with, but still stepped up for her moments. She had a clean snap and goal in the second term, and set up a number of other scoring chances, including Parker’s major in the third quarter. Her best moment came with the last play of the day as she juggled a contested mark 15m out from goal and converted what was the match-winning major with the last kick of the day.

#21 Sarah Poustie (Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro)
05/01/2006 | 170cm | Wing/Midfielder

Poustie’s running capacity and defensive pressure certainly stood out in the contest, as the Oakleigh Chargers midfielder racked up 18 disposals and laid seven tackles. Though not afforded the time and space she normally would receive, Poustie showed her nice inside/outside balance across the four quarters and set up a goal to Lucy Boyd in the third term.

#26 Havana Harris (Gold Coast Suns Academy/Queensland)
01/07/2006 | 181cm | Ruck/Forward

The AFLW Under 18s MVP captained her appropriately named side and certainly had the moments that make her such a great player. Winning a stack of the ball in the first half, Harris spent time in the ruck, up forward and roaming around the ground, and was the standout ruck on the field. She palmed down 20 hitouts from 14 touches, and while 13 of those came in the first half, she still found ways to impact the contest with deft blocks or well-timed taps.

Zoe Hargreaves provided plenty of run for Team Schleicher | Image credit: Rookie Me Central


#1 Zippy Fish (East Fremantle/Western Australia)
04/06/2006 | 160cm | Defender/Midfielder

The West Australian speedster captained Team Schleicher and was arguably their best in the win, accumulating 24 disposals and providing incredible run from half-back and through the midfield. On more than a few occasions, Fish broke opposition angles with her weaving in and out of traffic, and when she explodes goalside, she is near impossible to catch. With outstanding smarts and skills, and an array of weapons to use across the field, it was a sensational performance from the silky small.

#2 Violet Patterson (Glenelg/South Australia)
09/01/2006 | 168cm | Utility

Though her final execution can be rough around the edges at times, the Collingwood father-daughter eligible player provided some exciting highlights. Her explosive speed, clean hands and determination to run in transition was certainly eye-catching, while anyone who knows her game will not be surprised by her courage and attack on the contest. Played her role across the ground in various positions well.

#5 Natasha Entwistle (East Fremantle/Western Australia)
19/10/2006 | 170cm | Defender/Midfielder

One of the surprise packets to come out of the game in the sense that Entwistle has always shown talent, but is not always a massive accumulator of the ball. In the loss, the East Fremantle premiership player had 13 disposals, two marks, three tackles and three rebound 50s, providing some nice dare and dash from half-back. Her vision and disposal in particular was a standout.

#6 Sierra Grieves (Western Jets/Vic Metro)
18/05/2006 | 164cm | Midfielder/Forward

After spending time forward, Grieves returned to her inside midfield role with a huge effort. She was the dominant clearance player on the ground with six, as well as 24 disposals and seven tackles. Her courage and defensive pressure is outstanding, and she has footy smarts to weave through stoppages well. Grieves has the capacity to spread to the outside as well, but her coalface work is where it stands out because she reads the ball off hands so well.

#7 Zoe Hargreaves (Northern Knights/Vic Metro)
03/06/2006 | 171cm | Midfielder/Forward

Really stepping up in the contest, Hargreaves had a quiet first term with just the one disposal, but finished the match with 16, as well as four marks and some big one-on-one victories. She even used her body well and smarts to beat Harris in a one-on-one in the final term at half-back, showing great composure with and without the ball. Her disposal was generally okay, but her competitiveness was the standout trait.

#11 Tara Harrington (Gold Coast Suns Academy/Queensland)
24/03/2006 | 168cm | Midfielder/Defender

Packing a punch and providing a balance of offensive and defensive pressure, Harrington relished the play on the inside and was fierce with her attack on both player and the ball. She was a tough fumbly early in the conditions, but settled into the match and had a brilliant run-down tackle to start the second term. She kept running hard all day and put the ball into advantageous positions.

Tara Harrington was lively for Team Schleicher on the day | Image credit: Rookie Me Central

#18 Zoe Besanko (Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country)
25/05/2006 | 179cm | Forward/Ruck

Generally utilised as a forward and then rotating into the ruck, Besanko showcased the athletic traits that have been on display at Talent League level. With a nice burst on the lead, strong hands and competitive at ground level, Besanko is yet another athletic tall who can hold her own in multiple situations. Definitely more of a forward due to her forward craft, she missed on set shot but still had 14 disposals, three marks, five tackles and 10 hitouts in the defeat.

#19 Sara Howley (Geelong Falcons/Vic Country)
29/01/2006 | 173cm | Midfielder

As per usual, Howley had the ball on a string and racked up a team-high 26 disposals, as well as five marks, five clearances, four inside 50s, three tackles and a goal. The Geelong Falcons accumulator just knows where to run and how to find the ball, and then explodes away once she has it. Using the ball well through the middle of the ground and often looking for one-two opportunities, Howley founds space up forward in the third term to mark 40m out and convert the goal. She had another chance late in the game that just bounced the wrong side of the post.

#23 Sophie Strong (Tasmania Devils/Tasmania)
17/10/2006 | 166cm | Midfielder/Defender

The late inclusion for injured teammate Mackenzie Williams showed she was not going to just make up the numbers, and ended up being a really productive player in the contest. Strong held her own with 15 disposals, three marks and a couple of rebounds, spending time behind the ball. She has a lovely kick with time, and can be powerful as well, always looking to advance the ball forward with her burst away.

#26 Jemma Charity (WWT Eagles/South Australia)
06/06/2006 | 170cm | Defender

Another All-Australian in the match, Charity played a similar role to hers at the national carnival, coming out of defence. Similar to Hargreaves, after a quiet first term of just one disposal, she got involved and got proactive higher up the field, and looked to create some run and carry. She took a strong intercept mark on the wing in the third term, then sold some candy to Harris and kicked inside 50 in the fourth. Her skills and smarts were on display yet again.

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