Q&A: Mia Salisbury (Suns Academy)

QUEENSLAND defender Mia Salisbury is preparing for a big 2024 season for both Bond University and the Maroons. Having largely played at Reserves level – winning a flag with the Bull Sharks – Salisbury is ready to make the jump to more consistent QAFL Women’s senior football, while also potentially eyeing a move up the ground.

Rookie Me Central spoke to Salisbury at the recent Queensland Preseason Testing event to find out more about her experience playing football.

Q: Mia, tell us about your footy journey?

MS: “I started when I was six. Played with the boys for one to two years and then got into the Academy when I was 14.”

Q: After playing in the Reserves flag with Bond University, is your goal to make senior team this year?

MS: “Yeah making every game that I can in the senior team.”

Q: What are you focusing on to make the next step?

MS: “Working a lot on my strength and my fitness.”

Q: What about the strengths in your game?

MS: “I’m good at reading the ball and footy IQ definitely up there and kicking.”

Q: What on-field role do you see yourself playing in 2024?

MS: “I want to play in the backline but also want to push myself to be an onballer and also be on the wing as well.”

Q: How has your preseason been, have you been injury free?

MS: “Injury free, it’s been really good. I think we’ve all gotten a lot more fitter. Doing a lot more running, we do run club on Saturdays. It was our new coach Jess Sedunary‘s idea. We get between 10-20 players.”

Q: Is it just the Suns girls who take part in the run club?

MS: “Yeah, and for Bond we do a lot of running as well so it’s good.”

Q: Speaking of your new coach, how have you found Jess Sedunary given her recent experience at AFLW level?

MS: “She definitely gives us a lot of knowledge into what AFLW is like and how fit you need to be.”

Q: What are your goals for 2024?

MS: “Definitely just improving my footy taking it to the next level and making senior teams and pushing myself harder than what I did last year.”

Q: With the representative opportunities last season, what does it mean to you to play for Queensland?

MS: “It’s definitely good. I was so happy to play in Adelaide over the last year, it was so good. As well as all the opportunities you get through Queensland.”

Q: Who are you most looking forward to playing alongside this year for Queensland?

MS: “Just all the girls, we’re so connected and it’s just really fun to be at training.”

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