PREVIEW | 2024 Coates Talent League: Northern Knights

BOASTING a different list profile to last year, Northern Knights have plans to move the ball differently in 2024 – with serious speed. We chatted to Knights head coach Anthony Rocca about his side’s preseason, top prospects, and the year ahead.


“We’ve only had one opposition at the moment and haven’t played the full squad we’d like to bring into Round 1, so to gauge exactly how we’re going is a little bit unclear. But what I do know is we’re training really hard, our fitness shouldn’t be too bad.

“We’ve got a different profile this year… we’re going to have to move the ball a little bit differently to what we’re used to. These kids just want to go really quick… once the opposition turn over the ball we want to go a little bit quicker.”


Jesse Dattoli
Small Forward | 179cm | 07/08/2006

“Jesse’s probably been the one that’s impressed the most with coming back. He had an injury last year but he’s got that sorted. He’s stronger, he’s fitter and more determined to consistently get a good year in. So he’s been, been quite dominant in our preseason.”

Zak Johnson
Midfielder | 185cm | 24/12/2006

“He had a really good preseason prior to Christmas and then had a bit of a hiccup when he got back with a bit of soreness and stuff like that. He’s just sitting back a week or two but he’s getting back into full training within the last couple of weeks and going pretty well.”

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“There’s going to be a couple (to watch). Tom Sims is a tall, he’ll be forward who we hope to dominate. Gabriel Stumpf is another tall down there. But I reckon we’re going to have an even contribution from everyone.”


Zak Johnson and Taj Logan will be our co-captains, then we’ll have Riley Ormerod be our vice-captain, and a leadership group underneath that to support those three boys up top of Liam Farrar, Mitchell Moate, and Charlie Opie. Those boys have impressed with their leadership throughout the preseason and that’s where the vote landed unanimously.”


vs. Western Jets @ Trevor Barker Beach Oval
Saturday March 23, 10:30am

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