Q&A: Seisia White (Geelong Falcons)

TENACIOUS forward Seisia White is a top-age talent who gained great experience through the Geelong Falcons as a bottom-ager last season. We spoke to the Vic Country hub member at the recent Coates Talent League Preseason Testing Day about her journey, big cross-country move and what goals she has set herself for 2024.

Q: Seisia, tell us about your footy journey?

SW: “I originally started out in WA as an Auskicker there and moved over to Victoria and did my junior years through there. Then started at St Mary’s and came through the opportunity with Geelong Falcons starting in 2021.”

Q: When did you move over from WA, what was the move like for you?

SW: “It was good. We had a good time travelling, I think we left in 2011 and started to travel Australia and then came back to Victoria, so we moved around a fair bit.”

Q: How’s preseason been for you?

SW: “It’s been good. Good to get the girls up and ready and myself, fit or the season. Preseason’s been really pushing us to get to our best but we’re feeling pretty ready for game one.”

Q: What’s your role on the field and where do you expect to play?

SW: “I’ll be playing in the high forward/small forward role. Just to get that high in-between the mids there, becoming that sixth mid. But I think I’ll stick to that high forward role and having that opportunity to make my body bigger up top there.”

Q: What goals have you set for yourself this year?

SW: “My main one would be consistency. Just having a really consistent year is my number one goal, but again getting around the teammates and picking up the team whenever I can. Leadership’s another one, picking up there girls again through that way and driving my standards is really good.”

Q: Do you watch a lot of footy? What club do you support? And who’s a player you look up to?

SW: “Yeah lots of AFLW. I think just because of the way they move, the way they play is a lot similar to the way we do. So, Geelong through there, Chloe Scheer‘s probably one of my favourites just a similar role and the way she presents herself out on the field is definitely someone I look up to.”

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