SANFL U18s MOTR: Round 5 – Central District vs. South Adelaide

CENTRAL District flexed its muscles in the tall forward department, overpowering an inaccurate South Adelaide to run away 71-point winners.

Spearheaded by bottom-age prospect Dyson Sharp, the Bulldogs were potent in transition and capitalised on uncontested leads inside forward 50.

Both sides boasted some strong draft prospects who were able to impact across the ground. We noted which of them performed best in the Round 5 hitout.

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  • Central District
  • South Adelaide

Central District 14.16 (100) def. by South Adelaide 4.15 (39)


#18 Tom Cochrane
Midfielder/Forward | 181cm | 27/01/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 5 clearances, 2 goals

Starved of disposal in the first quarter, Cochrane elevated his work rate in the second, creating a lively presence around the centre stoppages with his quick hands and pace to break out of the corridor. His inside 50 moments in the first half were highlight-reel worthy, proving agile to dance around defenders and find a shot on goal or set up a scoring chance. His stoppage craft execution was well refined in the second half, holding his width and generating drive on the outside with his quick decision-making, creating deep inside 50 entries. He was rewarded in the fourth quarter for his work rate, on the end of an easy uncontested mark inside 50 which he slotted.

#20 Dyson Sharp
Midfield | 188cm | 23/05/2007

Stats: 30 disposals, 9 clearances, 7 marks

The bottom-age prospect’s work ethic was consistent and rewarded, and his natural toughness around the ball was part of the Bulldog’s dominance in transition. Sharp’s transitional running was well timed and executed, able to gather the ball in a chain and provide lengthy kicks down the wing and inside 50. His marking efforts were courageous and helped break the repetitive defensive 50 exits the Bulldogs were experiencing. At the end of the second quarter, Sharp had three holding-the-ball tackles in the space of five minutes, one of them winning him a shot on goal which went wide. As the game wore on, Sharp’s work ethic did leave him a little fatigued with some of his kicks lacking a bit of composure down the stretch, but overall it was a dominant showing.

#30 Tallan Rosenzweig
Forward | 197cm | 08/09/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 7 marks, 1 goal

Like all of Central’s forwards, Rosenzweig had no trouble finding a dominant presence inside 50, working hard to win contest marks, and find himself uncontested inside 50. Working outside of forward 50, he had some nice moments of vision, picking up a ground ball and swinging nicely on to his right foot to hit a leading target. Some moments of courage in the third and general forward craft smarts made his moments effective.

#31 Matthew LeRay
Forward | 189cm | 22/02/2007

Stats: 20 disposals, 4 clearances, 2 goals

LeRay was committed to working high up the contest in his role, relieving pressure for the Bulldog’s moving the ball out of defensive 50. At some of the centre stoppages attended he found first hands on the footy on a few occasions, but was let down by his entry kicking inside 50. LeRay’s forward smarts found himself in great positions to impact the contest and create some open space inside forward 50.

#37 Charlie Nicholls
Forward | 197cm | 08/06/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 4 inside 50s, 2 goals

Nicholls had a well-rounded performance that showcased strong moments aerially and below his knees. He was able to impact with some ruck craft around the forward stoppages and his general liveliness to stay on the move was rewarded with some tough contested marks in the goal square which led to one of his goals. His focus switched in the second half, exploiting the uncontested movement he was finding inside 50, which created three scoring shots.

#39 Aidan Schubert
Forward | 194cm | 21/12/2007

Stats: 12 disposals, 9 marks, 4 goals

The strongest second-half performance for the Bulldogs, the bottom-age forward executed his forward 50 movements to perfection. Schubert’s vision inside 50 held him back from committing to a pack mark and instead benefiting deep inside 50 with some uncontested marks and goals to go with them. He was able to pick the mismatch inside 50 on a smaller defender and get to front position for a contested mark. Early in the fourth kicked one of his finest, caressing a kick on the run from 30 metres out a difficult angle for a right-footer, and finished the game with an unselfish moment to pass off a shot on goal to a well-positioned Cochrane.


Isiah Nettle was electric around the loose ball on the outside, speedy in his one-on-one battles, getting the ball down the line in transition. He also kicked a lovely checkside goal from his efficient ground ball skills, consistent throughout the match.


#1 Jacob Sheean
Defender | 197cm | 28/01/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 17 kicks, 6 rebound 50s

Sheehan battled hard throughout the day, struggling to impose himself against the tall timber the Bulldogs presented. Moving out of defensive 50, Sheehan was trying to settle exit strategies and prevent repeat entries, looking to switch his kicks and find a different outlet. Around the contest, he had quick and clean hands, and on occasion impacted further up the ground to take a contested mark to force a turnover. The nature of his position and the flow of the game saw a few rushed moments which may have benefited from a little more composure.

#6 Benny Barrett
Midfield | 174cm | 01/05/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 3 clearances, 4 inside 50s

In one of Barrett’s most limited impact games, Barrett tried to provide his speed out of the contest, but was pressured by the Bulldogs defensive setup that forced turnovers with his kicking, a consistent issue throughout the day. His first-half impact was still quite effective, finding some nice inside 50 entries along with some nifty moments of his own inside 50 to get a quick shot on goal. He had two moments of tackle pressure in a row, one winning a holding-the-ball free kick and a shot on goal. Late in the game, he was able to showcase a bit more strength out of the contest as his decrease in his speed impact was targeted by the Bulldogs.

#11 Phoenix Hargrave
Midfield | 182cm | 15/09/2006

Stats: 12 disposals, 5 tackles, 2 clearances

Hargrave’s midfield impact was mellowed by the Bulldogs stoppage dominance which saw a lot of his minutes at half-forward, and he was able to show some versatility in his craft. Where possible, Hargrave presented high up the ground to provide aid in transition but found some of his kicks falling short. His contested ability was transitioned well into his forward craft, taking some strong marks inside 50, but unable to convert a major on the day.

#13 Dakota Sterzl
Midfield | 188cm | 21/07/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 6 marks, 7 inside 50s

Sterzl worked hard across the ground for the Panthers, finding his way out of the stoppage to provide the last kick and entry inside 50, which were often low and targeted to a one-on-one. He was able to get inside 50 at times and impact at the drop of the ball but could have been a bit more composed with his shots towards goal.

#34 Ryan Borlace
Ruck | 197cm | 07/08/2006

Stats: 8 disposals, 19 hitouts, 4 inside 50s

Borlace was a tough battler in the ruck contests, breaking even with his direct opponent, but his impact was better felt across the ground in a hard-working ruck effort. In the first half, he was able to create space on the outside and work hard to find spots in offensive transition, which continued to serve him well across all four quarters.


Jake Agnew had a prominent first quarter, positioning well inside 50, but unable to capitalise on his efforts. Later in the game he was clean below his knees and created some space on the outside of 50, again let down by his second disposal.

Blake Florance was a workhorse in the centre stoppages for the Panthers, winning first hands on the footy on multiple occasions, providing pressure around the contest with 12 tackles, but lacking some composure with his kicking inside 50.


North Adelaide and Sturt played out a thriller on Saturday afternoon, with the Roosters taking home a two-point victory.

Blake Oudshoorn-Bennier was prominent in the Rooster’s midfield with 25 disposals and five inside 50s, along with Tom Tasker and Samuel Cumming complimenting each other well in the midfield group.

Louie Montgomery plied his trade down back and had some crucial moments on either side of three-quarter time, kicking two goals in a row to give the Roosters the lead, along with 24 disposals.

>> Player Focus: Louie Montgomery (North Adelaide)

Noah Roberts-Thompson was Sturt’s best with 25 disposals and two goals, and consistent forward Ned Atkinson delivered again with three goals.

Glenelg overpowered Woodville-West Torrens with 25 more scoring shots, coming away 70-point victors.

Ben Camporeale and Lucas Camporeale slotted straight back into state football with over 30 disposals each, whilst Riley Shepherdson was effective up forward with three goals.

Harry Dodd spearheaded the Eagles’ midfield, working hard on both ends with six inside 50s and three rebound 50s, along with Rome Burgoyne who got his hands on it in defensive transition with 12 rebound 50s.

Norwood rebounded off a slow start, coming back to win by 15 points over West Adelaide.

Jacob Newton continued his strong run of form, with 24 disposals and eight clearances from his stoppage work. Jay Polkinghorne and Eamonn Cronin had a bag of three goals each.

Bailey White accumulated a lot of footy for the Bloods, finishing with 24 disposals, nine inside 50s, and two goals.

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