Alex Paech

height: 196cm

weight: 104kg

D.O.B: 30-03-1999

Leagues: Division 2, Coates Talent League Boys

STRENGTHS: Kicking, versatility, leadership
IMPROVEMENTS: Agility, endurance

SUMMARY: Alex Paech is a player who showed great promise as a 16 year-old but has not quite fulfilled that promise two years on. He is a long kick and primarily played in a key defensive post but also showed he could play key forward for the Murray Bushrangers. He has great leadership but lacks agility and endurance. At 196cm and 104kg - having put on a massive 11kg since the start of the year - he has a huge frame and some great upside, it will be whether clubs believe he can live up to his potential.

Division 2


Coates Talent League Boys

2016Murray Bushrangers60431031400177000387.55.412.
2017Murray Bushrangers8878166455610726466474127.36.513.
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