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Annabelle Embelton

height: 178cm


D.O.B: 06-12-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls

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Annabelle Embelton skippered the Sandringham Dragons in 2023 and lead by example from the back half of the ground providing a calming force in the defensive 50. Though not overly athletic, Embelton’s 1-wood was her consistency rebounding out of the back 50 and showed a high level of competitiveness in each contest.


+ Consistency
+ Leadership
+ Rebounding
+ Strength
+ Reading the play


- Athleticism
- Versatility


Embelton played two games in her debut season as a bottom-ager, averaging 15 disposals, two marks and four rebound 50s as an aggressive Dragons defender. Though she played deeper in 2023, she was often battling away on the last line to mop up and get the ball cleared to safety.

Standing at 178cm, Embelton provided a tall defensive option at full-back, but was far from a pure stopper, with her offensive drive arguably her greatest footballing asset. She competes hard in the air, and if she does not mark it, will make it difficult for the opposition to win it cleanly. With ball-in-hand, she will look to kick long down the line and play it safe.

Largely a pidgeonholed defender, Embelton's game is simple but for the most part, effective. She will almost always play on from the kickouts and deliver it long down the line, or intercept and look to hit the target in space to turn defence into offence in transition. Of her 165 disposals, 130 were kicks (78.8 per cent) and she had a rebound 50 every 2.4 disposals.

That reliability will be something that endears her to clubs, as along with her leadership, consistency and strength, you know exactly what you are going to get. That is a positive, but on the other side of the coin, also a limitation as her game has largely been hemmed in to that exact playstyle. The question mark remains whether or not she will be able to fill alternative roles at the top level.

Along with that area to develop, Embelton is also not overly athletic. Her game leans on her football smarts and understanding, which allows her to read the play well and rebound effectively. If she can further increase her speed and agility, then she could play a greater variety of roles.

For clubs that are considering Embelton though, they know that she will play to her strengths which allows her to minimise the impact of her deficiencies. Her consistency and natural leadership shines in the back half, and though no guarantee to be picked up, she adds value to a team off the field to go with her on-field attributes.


Annabelle Embelton is a reliable defender who will provide a consistent approach and readymade attitude to the top level. Though she does have deficiencies that with improvement could take her game to another level, there is club interest for the Dragons captain who missed out on Vic Metro selection but produced a solid 2023 campaign.

Reading the play

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