Midfielder, Forward


Bryde O'Rourke

height: 175cm


D.O.B: 28-11-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Bryde O’Rourke is a high-upside player with plenty of room for growth in her game. She already has plenty of tools to be an exciting talent such as her explosive speed, evasive work and ability to get the ball forward in transition, and once she can build her endurance base further and sharpen up her kicking, she will be even more damaging.


+ Speed
+ Size
+ Versatility
+ Evasion
+ Offensive game
+ Upside


- Kicking consistency
- Endurance


O'Rourke has the raw traits to be a very exciting player at the top level. With explosive speed that stands out on the field, coupled with her ability to pull off a slick sidestep, her athletic base itself is what clubs are looking for in a player. Add in her 175cm height, and she will often be taller than most opponents one-on-one.

Going further from her height, O'Rourke has shown she can not only play midfield, but also in attack. The latter is where she largely played over the last couple of years as she looked to work on her endurance to run out games for longer and therefore spend more time on-ball. It is still a work in progress, but with a number of key Pioneers injured mid-year, O'Rourke earned that additional midfield time and added that key experience to her younger teammates.

With ball-in-hand, O'Rourke has an instinctive offensive flow to her game. She will look to run and gun, breaking down the opposition defence and going long inside 50, which will lead to a high percentage of inside 50s of almost four per game at Talent League level. Impressive, O'Rourke has stepped behind the ball at times to help out the defence, as well as off a wing which adds to her versatility.

Prior to 2023, O'Rourke had not played a lot of Talent League football, only managed the seven games across two years, including the two in her bottom-age season. Her traits were enough to earn her a spot with Vic Country's Under 17s side in 2021, and then again this year with the Under 18s team.

At the national carnival, O'Rourke averaged 9.0 disposals, 2.3 marks and 3.0 tackles. Though not massive numbers, she held her own and showed off the athleticism and confidence that clubs would love to see. It is just taking the next step with that polish going forward that will help.

O'Rourke can actually be an impressive finisher on goal herself, often running just inside the arc and loading up for it to sail home. However when lowering the eyes and the delivery inside 50, she can tend to more put it to an area rather than pinpoint that pass. When under pressure her technique is more rushed than when more free, so that touch more composure will help her improve that element of her game.


Overall, after missing a fair chunk of footy in her bottom-age year, O’Rourke is tracking nicely as a draft prospect. She is a player that some Victorian clubs would identify as close to a first round prospect, while others might have her later on. All things being equal she is around that 15-30 mark nationally, and though she can tidy up some aspects of her game, has traits that that at her size are rarer to come by so will be sought after.

Offensive output
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

Coates Talent League Girls

2021Bendigo Pioneers3394280060010156.
2022Bendigo Pioneers22400001010021.
2023Bendigo Pioneers1037417730003910042236119.46.716.

AFLW U18 Championships

2023Vic Country Girls1892771018900101036.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Vic Country U17s881630011132024.