Caleb Windsor

height: 184cm

weight: 76kg

D.O.B: 09-06-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “Caleb Windsor is a speedy outside runner capable of carving up the opposition in attacking phases, and laying rundown tackles on the defensive end.”

Blazing through the talent pathway after elder brother Kai, Caleb Windsor has climbed draft boards this year as one of the crop’s first round bolters. The speedy wingman showed early promise in his preferred role and followed through with strong Talent League and representative form.

Windsor earned a bottom-age berth in the Eastern Ranges program last year before boosting his numbers as a top-ager in 2023. Both form and upside led to his Vic Metro selection, where he was also afforded centre bounce rotations to go with his usual work on the wing.

Some have labelled Windsor the best wingman in the country, and while he may have missed out on some of the accolades of other top 20 talents, remains very much in the mix. At his best, his speed and agility carve up the opposition and certainly catch the eye.



+ Agility
+ Defensive pressure
+ Hurt factor
+ Outside game
+ Speed
+ Work rate


- Kick consistency
- Strength

Windsor's most pertinent and eye-catching attribute is his speed. It suits his style of play to a tee, with the wingman often holding his width outside of packs and showing opponents a clean set of heels once he receives the ball. He makes burning off players look effortless at times, and is near-impossible to catch once he sets off into space.

He's the type of player who is capable of breaking the game open, whether it be by carrying the ball for strong meterage or launching long goals. Windsor also uses his pace defensively, displaying menacing closing speed to chase down opponents and often catching them cold.

Despite showing a hunger for hunting opposition ball carriers, Windsor very much plays to his outside role. He spent some time at the centre bounces, but ended with an uncontested possession rate of nearly 74 per cent during the National Championships. His ability to work into space is unrelenting, constantly providing an outlet to chain play between the arcs.

Windsor's handling, particularly at ground level, has come on strongly this year having set out to improve it. He is gutsy enough to compete overhead and averaged over four marks per Talent League game, but is a touch less polished at full stretch. Though, when he can take the ball cleanly he sets off in a flash.

Another facet of Windsor's game he has shown improvement in is his kicking. He often gets good length and is capable of slotting impressive goals on the run, but does a lot of work at speed and that can impact his efficiency in the short-range. When more measured, he is capable of sharp passes which do damage.

With a frame which is conducive to an outside player, Windsor will also look to add strength as he steps up to senior level. It would allow him to explore his potential as a centre bounce attendee, or even see him break tackles with power as opposed to stepping around opponents in quicker or more congested games.



Windsor is a player who has grabbed his chance this year in a draft where talent and upside will mean plenty outside the consensus top 15 prospects. He has both in spades and certainly does much of what clubs will want from an outside runner in the attacking phase. Watch for him to feature somewhere in the first round, likely with a pick in the teens.

Defensive pressure
Hurt factor
Outside game
Work rate
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

AFL U18 Championships

2022Vic Metro000000000000000000000
2023Vic Metro42226414185013031831410.55.516.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022Eastern Ranges4521662300900114267.53.511.
2023Eastern Ranges205105310670062006716111612.86.619.
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