Coby Burgiel

height: 183cm

weight: 80kg

D.O.B: 09-09-2004

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: An athletically gifted midfielder with proven versatility, Burgiel played across all 3 lines at various points this season, bringing his daring run and clean disposal to each role”

Somewhat flying under the radar due to the plethora of talent in all his sides, Coby Burgiel has been a consistent and reliable force through the midfield, but has shown his versatility when forced to play as a defender or forward for Vic Country at the Under 18 Championships. Burgiel’s speed and cleanliness below his knees are two traits that standout amongst other midfielders in the crop, finishing equal second in the 20m sprint at the National Combine with a stunning 2.88-second run, Burgiel has no trouble showing this speed on-field.


+ Speed
+ Consistency
+ Cleanliness
+ Scoreboard Impact
+ Versatility


- Composure
- Accumulation

Being a part of some pretty successful sides in 2022, it Is no surprise that Coby Burgiel has drawn an increasing amount of attention as the year's rolled on. Playing predominantly as a midfielder for Wesley College and Gippsland Power,  Burgiel was a consistent clearance winner for his sides, using his burst and cleanliness at ground level to collect the ball easily around stoppages and deliver forward. His campaign for Vic Country was a different story however, with only some brief stints in the midfield, Burgiel got the opportunity to showcase his talents up either end of the ground. Having displayed his ability to hit the scoreboard from the midfield at NAB League level, Burgiel showcased a more goal assist orientated game in the Championships when up forward, with his ability to gain separation on opposition with that speed pivotal to that. When in defense, Burgiel was accountable when required, but looked at his best when running the ball further up the field.

His scoreboard impact was a consistent part of his game through the NAB league season, kicking 12.11 from nine games in the competition, with two hauls of three the best performances in that regard, despite playing majority of his time in the centre square set up. His work rate of the ball in offence allows him to get to opportune positions heading forward, often in a good spot to receive a handball from a teammate when running towards goal.

As mentioned, Burgiel’s cleanliness in gathering possession is a real asset of his game, able to collect the ball both in the air and off the deck with one hand at speed, allowing him to hold off on making his runs until the last possible second. It is a weapon at stoppages no doubt, but around the ground, in open play, is arguably when Burgiel uses it most. In the heat of the game when skills aren’t at the highest quality, Burgiel still rewards his teammates efforts even if a handball or kick is not precise, again able to pluck the ball with one hand easily.

There is a lot to like about Burgiel when considering draft prospects, and the building blocks to be a high level midfielder are there, however there is some work to do with his disposal under pressure. Whilst it was an area that saw improvement as the year went on, there are still times where Burgiel can rush his kicks or handballs when in the thick of congestion or with a tackling imminent. When compared to other midfielders in the draft, and at the next level, Burgiel could also do with winning the ball a bit more to allow him to impact at a higher level.



Coby Burgiel is a high-impact midfielder who has an ability to regularly hit the scoreboard both when playing on-ball or inside 50. Boasting incredibly clean hands and a dangerous enough athletic profile to worry opponents, Burgiel is one who could land anywhere in the draft from the second round on. Expect him to start as a forward, and eventually work his way into the midfield as his career progresses.

Clean hands
Scoreboard impact

AFL U18 Championships

2022Vic Country4719661719426011085411.84.816.

Coates Talent League Boys

2021Gippsland Power781510020011323.
2022Gippsland Power106881942100280039712911.89.821.
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