Dylan Moore

height: 175.8cm

weight: 65.9kg

D.O.B: 04-08-1999

DRAFT ANALYSIS: "Inside midfielder who can push forward and hit the scoreboard and run hard all day"

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys


Dylan Moore has had a super season at all levels, starring for Vic Metro, Eastern Ranges and for Caulfield Grammar in the Victorian APS school boy competition. Moore is a small midfielder who can win the contested ball, with good clearance and tackling numbers. Whilst at his size he might not progress to an inside in-and-under role in the AFL - Moore has the nous and skill set to push forward and hit the scoreboard when he plays inside 50. Moore averaged 25.7 disposals and 5.8 tackles in the TAC Cup - with a contested possession rate of 51 per cent. Moore's clearance work is superb and his elite endurance means he can run hard all day, having won the 2km time trial at the NAB AFL Draft Combine. At APS school level, Moore had multiple 30 plus disposal games - including a 36 disposal and six goal performance against Melbourne Grammar.


  • Endurance
  • Kicking
  • Contested ball
  • Clearance work
  • Scoreboard impact

Moore can run all day and has the endurance to play in the midfield. Moore is one of the best runners in the AFL Draft pool, placing first in the NAB AFL Draft Combine's 2km time trial with a time of six minutes nine seconds, and finishing in second place in the Yo-Yo test with a score of 22.3. When he plays, he is rarely tired - able to give multiple efforts when required right into the last quarter,

Moore has a good right foot kick and he is able to find targets short and over a longer distance. His footy smarts help him by being able to get to the right areas to win the ball and to also find an effective target long or short when required off his right foot.

Moore's contested ball numbers are also impressive - with a 51 per cent contested possession rate in the TAC Cup and he was just under the 50/50 split during the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships. Despite standing at 65.9kg and 175.8cm - there has been no concerns with him being able to win the contested ball, at stages up against bigger bodies who are 15-20 kilograms bigger. He doesn't get pushed off the ball and will crack in hard no matter what the situation is.

His clearance work is very good, having no issues in traffic to spread the ball out to the outside runners. His quick and clean hands are a strength in the contest and he can spread it out to his teammates and bring them into the game. In the TAC Cup, Moore averaged 4.6 clearances and three clearances in the National Under 18 Championships.


  • Speed
  • Goal kicking accuracy

While standing at 175.8cm, Moore is one of the rare smalls who doesn't possess elite speed. During the NAB AFL Draft Combine, Moore's testing time of 3.14 seconds is a touch slower than a time tested by previous small forwards. In the mould of 2017 Premiers Richmond's small forward line - all having "elite" speed small forwards in Daniel Rioli, Jason Castagna and Daniel Butler, an area that Moore may be able to improve is his speed.

One small area that Moore could improve is his goal kicking accuracy. At times he can rush his kicks on the run inside 50 and see them miss the goals. In one school football game against Wesley College, Moore booted 0.6 in what was a tough day in front of goal from the Caulfield Grammar best and fairest winner.



Dylan Moore has shown his contested ball winning skills in 2017 and despite his small stature he hasn't been put off by wanting to put his head over the ball and crack in hard. His tackling and clearance work is very good, suggesting he can play a role in the midfield if required. His pressure up forward and footy smarts are outstanding, with Moore able to slot in as a small forward at the next level where he can hit the scoreboard.

AFL U18 Championships

2016Vic Metro000000000000000000000
2017Vic Metro35579210455013012133348.814.323.

Coates Talent League Boys

2016Eastern Ranges282654120060000147.06.513.
2017Eastern Ranges125106231321161145204240189913.911.825.
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