ClaremontClaremontWing, Medium Forward


Eva O'Donnell

height: 167cm


D.O.B: 28-12-2005

Leagues: WAFL Women's, AFLW U18 Championships

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Eva O’Donnell is a crafty and clever winger who can also roll inside 50 and have an impact as a medium forward. With eye-catching traits and an ability to win the ball both in the air and at ground level, O’Donnell is a player with great upside. Though only slight and has had her fair share of injury issues, the evasive talent has done enough to suggest she can play at the top level.


- Aerial ability
- Clean hands
- Endurance
- Evasion
- Footy IQ
- Upside


- Durability
- Production
- Strength


O'Donnell is an interesting prospect who has not had a great run at it in 2023. She has had her fair share of time off due to injury, playing just 11 WAFLW games in the past two years, and the one AFLW Under 18 Championships match. In that game, O'Donnell picked up 15 disposals, took three marks and had three inside 50s, looking lively across the ground against a strong South Australian outfit.

A late December birth - O'Donnell is only four days away from being a bottom-ager - the nifty utility has plenty of upside for the future. She moves well and has outstanding endurance to cover the ground between the arcs. When she gets forward, she can have an impact, and applies enough defensive pressure to suggest she could play that role as well.

Standing at 167cm - having grown a few centimetres over the last 12 months - O'Donnell is a medium size who can compete on taller opponents as well as smaller ones. Athletically, she ranks elite across the board, with perhaps her vertical jump (top five per cent in preseason) and endurance (top 15 per cent) among the more impressive areas considering her agility and speed is evident on the field.

What stands out about O'Donnell is her clean hands, particularly at ground level. She can swoop in, win the ball and dish off, or run by for the handball receive. She has a strong footy IQ as well, which holds her in good stead regarding her decision making. Those natural gifts combined with her athletic traits make her an all-round threat.

Realistically, her lack of exposure at the junior elite level - only the one championships match - and continuity in her WAFLW form will hold her back a touch. Her best is great, but as a lower production player, she is also not a hue ball-winner. This can be put down to the fact she is a lighter bodied player, and therefore one-on-one can be outmuscled.

Though she is competitive and packs a punch, ultimately, O'Donnell has only had the one WAFLW game above 11 disposals, where she had an out-of-the-box performance of 20 disposals, eight marks and three goals. Otherwise she has averaged 8.9 disposals, 1.3 marks and kicked the one goal.

That all being said, O'Donnell's impact transcends the stats sheet, as she can weave her magic each time she goes near it. The Tigers talent is one of those players whose 10 disposals feels like 20, and when she can get a clean run and it and put it all together, watch out.

For an AFLW club considering O'Donnell, they would look at her as a long-term prospect. One who will get her body right, continue to build up her strength, and get adapted to the level. Her traits are good enough, it is just a bit of luck and faith for her to thrive at the elite level.

Eva O’Donnell would be just outside that top group of West Australian prospects. While the AFLW Academy members and the likes of Ella Slocombe and Anjelique Raison are among the Top 40 prospects, O’Donnell is not too far behind that. She looms as a value pick for a team with patience and a focus on development, because O’Donnell is an exciting talent ready to thrive.

Aerial ability
Clean hands
Footy IQ

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AFLW U18 Championships

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