Defender, Midfielder


George Stevens

height: 189cm

weight: 101kg

D.O.B: 14-04-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “Already a well developed player, George Stevens has proven to be a high level accumulator through the midfield, and a composed leader in the backline.”

After missing his bottom-aged season with an ACL tear, George Stevens returned to the field without issue in 2023. He proved to be a brick wall when positioned in the defensive half of the ground, and a contested beast when deployed through the midfield.

Not only did he earn AFL Academy selection, but captained the national squad and was a leader throughout his time with Vic Country and Greater Western Victoria Rebels.

Having settled into his return down back, Stevens was duly thrown into the cut and thrust of midfield where he enjoyed a stellar run towards the end of the season and put his name up as a prospect who could rise above an even mid-draft pack.

As a physically readymade type with fewer athletic frills and hurt factor than others, Stevens is a talent who may divide recruiters, but he has done everything in his power to be considered highly.



+ Character
+ Consistency
+ Contested game
+ Strength
+ Tackling
+ Work rate


- Athleticism
- Hurt factor

A name that has been on draft radars for three years, George Stevens has continued to to impress with his honest efforts since debuting for the Rebels in 2021. Stevens came into the 2023 season pegged as a defender, but an early season switch into the midfield produced truly eye catching numbers in the Talent League and at National Championships level.

Since the switch, Stevens collected over 25 disposals in all but two games at Talent League level, averaging a touch under 29 across the full season. Stevens represented Geelong in the VFL twice this season, proving his midfield capabilities against more physically mature opposition. His second game was a standout performance, gathering 29 touches in arguably a best afield effort.

Stevens was one of Vic Country's more consistent and reliable contributors at the Under 18 Championships this year, mostly deployed in the midfield through the series but also showing his wares as a defender. He averaged a touch over 19 disposals by the end of the carnival and earned All-Australian honours.

The bulk of Stevens' work in the midfield revolves around stoppages and contested ball, where he uses his strength and size to his advantage, easily moving opposition players out of position to give himself the best run at winning the footy himself. With size on his side, Stevens still shows an impressive level of stoppage craft, often able to win clearances or first possession from the ruck's hands with smart runs and positioning.

Whilst his outside game and endurance aren't necessarily a strength, Stevens shows undeniable effort to get from contest-to-contest and keep his opposition accountable, looking to move forward with his side in possession and shut his opponents down as options when they’re out of it.

When stationed in the backline, Stevens is the definition of a general, directing teammates to fit structure or shut off opposition players, whilst remaining accountable for an opponent himself. He isn’t typical key position height, but controls the airways as if he was, with his reading of the ball allowing him to be an intercepting threat both in the air and at ground level. Stevens' distribution from the back half is also a highlight of his game, moving the ball smartly with precision by foot, able to kick start attacking plays with some of his ball movement.

With such a successful draft year individually, Stevens has truly demonstrated that his football ability stacks up with some of the other more fancied draft prospects, although questions remain about his ability to translate to the next level. His athleticism and already well developed build are the main concerns in that regard, particularly for a role in the midfield at AFL level.

Although Stevens is a clean user when out in space, he does tend to blaze away and dump his kicks when moving it from within the contest, which is something that AFL clubs will be looking to iron out. That is also apparent in front of goal, and Stevens' lack of explosive pace means many of his disposals are won or completed in a contest.



Stevens’ draft range may be one of the widest in this year’s draft crop, though his form, character and readymade frame are just about undeniable. On the flip side, his athletic profile and some of his disposal perhaps fly in the face of what recruiters have been looking for of late. Regardless, whichever club backs his talent will take on a player who gets the best out of himself and others, and has a sound footballing base already. Second round is about his range.

Contested game
Work rate
Hurt factor

AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Country482977936372301512102412.07.319.

Coates Talent League Boys

2021GWV Rebels341650150040034648.
2023GWV Rebels20017437428006500482831315.413.428.
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