Harry De Mattia

height: 185cm

weight: 78kg

D.O.B: 11-09-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “An explosive athlete with speed to burn, Harry De Mattia is just as dangerous bursting out of congestion as he is hunting down opponents.”

Having juggled football and cricket commitments as a junior, Harry De Mattia has leant towards the former in 2023 in an attempt to be drafted. His decision looks to be paying off, with the Dandenong Stingrays utility considered a top 20 contender.

Speed is his best attribute along with the versatility to play in each third of the ground. As co-captain of the Stingrays and Vic Country, De Mattia adjusted to every role asked of him this season and took on the challenges with his usual vigour.

De Mattia was famously seen running drinks for Australia during last year’s Boxing Day Test, and while he was overlooked for selection in the Under 17 Futures game, has impressed across two seasons of Coates Talent League football with the Stingrays.



+ Competitiveness
+ Kick penetration
+ Leadership
+ Speed
+ Tackling
+ Versatility


- Accumulation
- Composure

Power and explosiveness form the crux of De Mattia's game; from his speed, to penetrative kicking and hard tackling. He's the type of two-way player who can burst out the front of a stoppage or stop slick opposition midfielders from doing the same.

De Mattia's defensive appetite is ravenous, applying menacing pressure as he hunts the ball carrier. He averaged a tick under five tackles across 11 Talent League games, with his competitive streak applicable as a pressure forward, lockdown defender, or inside midfielder.

It's that kind of versatility, and ability to translate his traits to several roles that makes De Mattia so appealing. He's clean and competitive at the contest, but has the work rate to play outside or break the lines off half-back - seamlessly switching between contrasting styles.

Another measure of De Mattia's power is his booming boot. The left-footer can clear 50 metres with flat kicks, albeit if he blazes away at times. That's an area of improvement for the utility, who can gain serious meterage, but will need to develop his composure and decision making.

The 18-year-old may also look to boost him numbers once he locks down a more specific role at the next level. His magnet was thrown around this year, meaning he couldn't consistently post high disposal hauls, but he's capable of it - as proven in his 30-disposal effort against Tasmania as a defender/midfielder.

Arguably the cherry atop De Mattia's profile is his character. Having held leadership roles in cricket and football throughout his junior career, he co-captained the Stingrays and Vic Country alongside two separate AFL Academy members - the latter being Harley Reid.

He seems to be a lead by example type of player, who gets to work no matter the task ahead of him and produces plays which either enhance or inspire his teammates. He's selfless in that sense and likely a coach's dream with such willing versatility.



De Mattia’s ability to adapt to a range of roles this year would have endeared him to clubs, and he’s the type of character who will likely continue to excel at the elite level. He’s a strong leader and fierce competitor on-field, shaping as a player coaches and fans will come to love. While there is improvement left in his game, expect De Mattia to feature late in an extended first round or early in the second.

AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Country381957815381709207049.54.814.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022Dandenong Stingrays60461062000190016126115.
2023Dandenong Stingrays1268320942005300451571111.57.519.
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