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Harry Lemmey

height: 202cm

weight: 95kg

D.O.B: 30-01-2004

Leagues: SANFL Reserves, SANFL League, AFL U18 Championships

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SNAPSHOT: “A leading forward who presents strongly at the football and uses it well by foot.”

Harry Lemmey burst onto the scene in 2021, where he got a taste of SANFL League football for West Adelaide and representative football for South Australia. Fast forward 12 months and the hype may have cooled a little, but despite a challenging year the young forward still presents a strong option for clubs looking to add to their key position stocks.

Playing across all three grades for West Adelaide, as well as representing South Australia at the National Championships, Lemmey faced the difficult task of adapting to new teammates and different coaching throughout the year. Combine that with a temporary position change down back and early season setbacks with injury and illness, and we’re given a fair indication of how unsettled this year has been for him.

Challenges aside, Lemmey looks to have the skill-set and athletic profile to succeed at AFL level. He’s quick on the lead and takes the ball cleanly overhead. He has the athleticism to present further up the ground and uses the ball well by foot, particularly when delivering inside 50.


+ Athletic profile
+ Forward craft
+ Kicking
+ Leading patterns
+ Overhead marking


- Competitiveness
- Consistency

Despite being unable to re-capture his 2021 form, Lemmey possesses the physical tools and overall talent to succeed at AFL level. At 199cm, he's a great size for a key forward and his reach makes it difficult for defenders to spoil when he meets the ball at the highest point. His greatest strength is the work he does on the lead. The young key forward possesses great leading instincts, demonstrating a clear understanding of where the space is inside forward 50. He leads with intent and takes the ball cleanly out in front, giving defenders very little chance to spoil the mark.

His strength on the lead is not isolated to his work inside 50. Lemmey is comfortable pushing up onto the wings and through the middle of the ground, where his ability to mark and use the football makes him an important part in the way his side transitions play. When at his best, Lemmey can work over his opponent, dragging him up the ground, before turning and leading back into space towards goal.

Lemmey's decision making and ability to execute by foot, particularly when delivering inside 50, is exceptional for a key position player. His placement is smart and he's capable of hitting a low, penetrating ball to his teammates advantage. Whilst his field kicking is a weapon, he's also a competent finisher in front of goal, with range beyond the 50-metre arc.

Although he's spent some time this season in defence, Lemmey looks most comfortable when playing as a forward. The most critical improvement for Lemmey is re-capturing that form and confidence that he showed in 2021 and delivering it on a more consistent basis. Adding a degree of physicality to his game would go a long way in helping him successfully make the transition to AFL football.

The talent hasn't disappeared and any club looking to draft him will be working desperately to unlock the upside he showed last year. If successful, Lemmey could be one of the steals of the draft.



It might not have been the year that Lemmey was hoping for, but his invitation to the National Draft Combine suggests there’s still sufficient interest in the South Australian forward. A fresh start in a professional environment might be exactly what is required to rejuvenate Lemmey and help him reach his ceiling. Although not looking like the early selection he was touted to be at the start of the season, Lemmey is still a strong chance to find his way onto an AFL list.

Forward craft
Overhead marking

AFL U18 Championships

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