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Henry Maerschel

height: 189cm

weight: 79kg

D.O.B: 11-10-2005

Leagues: SANFL Under 18s


+ Athleticism
+ Endurance
+ Intercept marking
+ Rebounding


- Composure
- Ground balls

An intriguing prospect who enjoyed a strong season for Sturt in the SANFL Under 18s, Henry Maerschel averaged 14.5 disposals, 4.1 marks, 2.2 tackles and 2.9 rebound 50s as a medium-tall defender. He does some of his best work in the air, boasting a nice athletic leap, and is more than comfortable clunking intercept marks.

As a general defender, Maerschel can play on both talls and smalls, and is also a terrific runner who likes to rebound at speed or on the overlap. Among Maerschel's main improvements are ground balls, and being cleaner once the ball hits the deck, while also remaining a touch more composed on the run. The Sturt talent usually takes the ball in flight and then and takes off immediately.

He remains a developable type having made the cut as a state combine invitee from outside South Australia's Under 18 representative squad. His form can be patchy, but at his best, Maerschel is a damaging outlet from the back who can break the lines all day and certainly suits modern day slingshot styles.

DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

SANFL Under 18s

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