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Indiana Williams

height: 177cm


D.O.B: 12-06-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Queensland tall Indiana Williams has the capacity to fill out a number of roles, but largely found herself in defence across 2023, where she showed some promising signs for the future. Though the Lions Academy member has areas to work on, she is strong for her size and can play a variety of medium and tall roles, with a strong aerial presence.


+ Strength
+ One-on-one defending
+ Marking
+ Endurance
+ Defensive accountability
+ Versatility


- Speed
- Agility
- Contested marking


Williams was like most kids growing up, trying her hand at a variety of codes including triathlons, Oz-Tag, netball and Aussie rules football. In 2023, she settled into a key defensive role which is her number one position, but has been known to swing forward at times and provide a marking target inside 50.

As an accountable defender, Williams often plays an unheralded role in shutting down an opponent, having to play on a mix of key position players and taller types. She is strong overhead, though is still developing her consistency when it comes to her contested marking. Without that interference, she can show safe hands and distribute the ball out of defence.

Not a massive accumulator of the ball, Williams takes a consistent approach to her game, with a high-level endurance base that helps her wear down opponents. This is a throwback to her triathlon days, and along with her size and strength, looms as a formidable player to beat for opposing forwards.

At 177cm, Williams has a good size where she could match up on the stronger 180cm players, while also playing down on slightly smaller forwards as well. However further improvements in her speed and agility are still to be made if she comes up against more athletic talents. Still, her one-on-one ability particularly from a defensive standpoint shines through.

Williams played all three games at the AFLW Under 18 Championships, averaging 6.0 disposals, and while only taking the one mark, was largely seen as a negator, or someone who could clear the ball from danger in transition. With the pressure rising, Williams could take a lot out of that competition to go forward, after averaging 7.5 disposals, 1.0 marks and 3.0 rebound 50s for the Lions Academy at Talent League level.

It is not often negating defenders will get too much of a look-in from AFLW clubs, but Williams' upside from her endurance and growing understanding of the game holds her in good stead. The culmination of all her strengths helps those clubs see a vision where she can take on some of the bigger forwards in the competition.


Indiana Williams is a Brisbane Lions Academy member and could be looked at closely by her aligned club. Given the development put into the tall, she has the potential to grow within that system, though another club in need of a strong defender could keep Williams in mind.

Defensive accountability
One-on-one defending
Contested marking

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