Midfielder, Small Forward


Jack O'Sullivan

height: 177cm

weight: 71kg

D.O.B: 22-10-2004

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “A tough inside midfielder with clean skills, O’Sullivan earned a National Combine invite via promising performances despite facing a few stints on the sidelines in 2022.”

After representing Vic Country in last year’s Under 17s showdowns against Vic Metro, O’Sullivan came into 2022 with solid form at higher levels. Having shown his cleanliness with ball in hand and toughness at the contest, it was unfortunate that the 17-year-old’s top-age campaign was derailed by injury.

O’Sullivan only managed a handful of games across both the NAB League and APS competitions for the year, ultimately meaning he missed out on Country’s 3-1 National Championship run, unable to show his wares against the top competition. A positive outlook on O’Sullivan’s year is the fact he performed when he did take to the field, showing off a lot of the traits that had him highly regarded coming into the season.


+ Clean hands
+ Evasiveness
+ Stoppage craft
+ Tackling
+ Toughness


- Exposure
- Size

A Vic Country squad member at both Under 17 and Under 18 level, it was unfortunate that O’Sullivan couldn’t get onto the park as often as he would’ve liked this season, with few injuries throughout the year coming at inopportune times. Instead of performance to date, there is a fair bit of projection associated with O’Sullivan on what he has shown when he’s been out on the field for his NAB League and APS sides, Oakleigh Chargers and Xavier College respectively.

O’Sullivan looks at his most comfortable when lining up in the centre square, boasting a nice blend of inside and outside traits and genuine tenacity at the contest - as both an inside ball winner and an outside release option for his teammates. O’Sullivan rarely wastes disposals, with his hands in-tight a particular highlight of his game, able to assess his options quickly in the thick of the contest and feed out to runners quickly. He is just as dangerous when playing as a receiver with his kicking, generally putting the ball to the advantage of his forwards to lead into.

His toughness and tackling strength are other traits that lend to being a well rounded midfielder, quickly reacting when opponents win the ball to stand in their way and wrap them up. When given the go-to role at stoppages, there aren’t many times O’Sullivan is on the defensive though, with the timing of his runs and reading of the ball off the rucks' hands two areas that stand out in his game. These were best shown in his limited representative games in the last two years, at U17’s level for Country and in the trial matches earlier this year, where he was a standout for his team with his constant pressure on opponents and tenacity at the contest were hard for opposition to deal with.

Whilst he’s looked his best in the centre square, O’Sullivan has shown his ability to impact up forward as well, bringing a similar style to his midfield play with the addition of being a goal threat with his ability to follow up the ball from aerial duels and tackles.

Being a sub-180cm prospect, there are naturally concerns about O’Sullivan’s size for a midfielder at the next level, and whether his impact from junior grades would translate as well against bigger opposition. While he has shown he can impact as a small forward, his craft there will be an area that an AFL club will look to improve to be more consistent. His time on the sidelines will also be a question mark heading into the draft, and whether he’s shown enough in comparison to players who have had a cleaner run.

DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

While O’Sullivan has proven his worth as a crafty small in the small sample size offered, it will likely be difficult for clubs to commit to him in the first two rounds of the draft considering the even nature of the crop. Players with more runs on the board may sneak ahead, but O’Sullivan’s smarts around the ball and creativity in possession make him a handy prospect towards the back-end of the intake. He may even thrive with another go at junior level.

Clean hands
Stoppage work

AFL U18 Championships

2022Vic Country10110110000011.

Coates Talent League Boys

2021Oakleigh Chargers971620040060219.
2022Oakleigh Chargers45337816001100201559.06.615.