Jake Rogers

height: 170cm

weight: 68kg

D.O.B: 02-03-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “A diminutive midfielder who punches above his weight, Jake Rogers offers an elite combination of speed, skill, and decision making.”

Pound for pound, there are few more talented AFL Draft prospects this year than Jake Rogers. The Gold Coast Suns Academy member boasts a well rounded skill set which others would envy, and more than holds his own as a midfielder at 170cm.

Rogers has been highly touted for some time, coming into the year with Allies experience and as an AFL Academy member. He caught the eye as a bottom-ager in three Coates Talent League games with the Suns, which was enough to earn a berth at representative level.

Among his standout games this season was a best afield performance in national colours, against Carlton’s reserves, before eventually breaking through for three VFL games with the Suns. While he thrived as an on-baller in stacked sides, it is expected at his size that Rogers will spend more time up forward at AFL level.



+ Agility
+ Clean hands
+ Decision making
+ Skills
+ Speed
+ Tackling


- Endurance
- Size

It's a well known notion by now that if you're a sub-175cm AFL player, you have to be elite in at least one area. Rogers is elite in many, ranging from traits across his exciting athletic profile to a bunch of top footballing attributes.

There are few cleaner, smarter, and quicker midfielders in this year's crop than Rogers, who extracts the inside ball and zips away to the outside like a hot knife through butter. His sharp turn of speed is key in those instances, and makes Rogers near impossible to lay a hand on.

The other assets which aid Rogers at stoppage are his clean hands and ground ball prowess. With such a low centre of gravity, the 170cm jet powers through and around would-be tacklers in a flash, having either sharked the ball off a ruck's hands one-touch or acted as the first receiver.

From there, Rogers' decision making shines. He's the kind of player who hardly wastes a disposal, consistently demonstrating composure in tight spots and proving efficient by hand and foot. With terrific vision to go with his skills, Rogers is able to get creative in his short spurts of possession.

The thing which rounds out Rogers' game as a midfielder is his defensive application - something which not all draft prospects live up to. He's a hard and willing tackler, leaning on his deceptive strength to consistently bring down much bigger opponents.

Obviously punching above his weight is something Rogers will have to do throughout his career. He does a good job of it at junior level, but will inevitably be tested more against senior bodies and size is a query he'll face.

Endurance is another aspect Rogers has been working on, from preseason in 2023 to now. He gets from contest to contest relatively well, but with such a complete game otherwise, there is always room for improvement in a running sense.

Otherwise, he may seek to boost his scoreboard impact in anticipation of spending more time forward, or look to expand his ability to penetrate with each possession. Usually, he's a great short-range player by hand, but if clutching straws, may be able to take more meterage after driving his legs away from stoppage.


Players like Caleb Daniel and Errol Gulden have proven size is no barrier to making an impact at AFL level, and it seems Rogers is the next in line in that regard. With an inside game comparable to Touk Miller, perhaps minus the running base at this stage, Rogers is as complete as they come. He’ll likely be the third Suns Academy member to attract a bid within the top 15 picks, and expect him to start his career in the top flight with more minutes up forward.

Clean hands
Decision making

AFL U18 Championships


Coates Talent League Boys

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