Small Forward


Jayden Davey

height: 179cm

weight: 79kg

D.O.B: 26-02-2004

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys


+ Speed
+ Tackling pressure
+ Goal sense


- Endurance
- Limited exposure

Despite playing such little football of late, there is plenty of excitement surrounding Essendon father-son candidate Jayden Davey. Alongside twin brother, Alwyn Jr, he debuted in the NTFL for Palmerston aged 15, coached by father Alwyn Sr. Having been based in the Northern Territory, he made the move to Victoria and boards at Xavier College - hence his link to the Oakleigh Chargers region.

While his sibling adopts a similar style to uncle, Aaron, Jayden is said to be a footballing clone of his father. The speedy small forward loves taking the game on with a side-step and offers a touch of flair every time he takes possession. Adding to that, he doesn't mind getting busy with defensive pressure and can apply himself without possession, making for a well-rounded small forward's game.

Coming off such a significant injury (ACL tear) for the second time, the faith in Davey's talent is evidenced by his state combine selection. Clubs will be well aware of the drawbacks, and his alignment to Essendon, but have maintained their interest nonetheless. Those at Oakleigh were impressed by Davey's application during preseason, so there is no reason why he can't hit the ground running upon recovery.

Coates Talent League Boys

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