Jemima Wrigley

height: 168cm


D.O.B: 26-08-2000

Leagues: Vflw

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Jemima Wrigley is a mature-age NSW-ACT talent who has come through the Rams’ pathway. Playing at Southern Power in the AFL Sydney where she captains the side, Wrigley has explosive speed and a hard, uncompromising style of play that suits the inside game. She has a few areas to sharpen up, but is more readymade than most AFLW Draft prospects.

Jemima Wrigley is a readymade NSW-ACT prospect who has cut her teeth through the AFL Sydney competition for the largely successful Southern Power outfit. Captaining that side, Wrigley is a tough, uncompromising midfielder with some eye-catching explosive speed out of a stoppage that makes her a dual threat both offensively and defensively.

The former OzTag national captain has becoming a strong feature at the Power, and her midfield craft shows why. She is able to win the ball in a contest at both ground level and as a second possession winner, and then burst away with speed to create separation on her opponent. Those clean hands, acceleration and pure strength make her a tricky player to try and contain, and one of the more premier inside midfielders to step up in the state. She can find plenty of the ball and utilise her athletic gifts to set up a scoring chance up forward.

Wrigley has equal measures of defensive traits as well, able to lay some big bone-crunching tackle that opponents feel. She has that burst to create separation from opponents, but also has the capacity to run down opponents too. That defensive mind allows her to run both ways, and as Power captain, is something she does that shows she leads from the front each match.

In terms of some improvements, Wrigley’s kicking consistency and lack of an opposite foot (left) are areas he can still improve on. In both scenarios, Wrigley tends to have to overcorrect when running out of a stoppage to get it on her right, or kick it on the outside of the boot. Even when on her right side, the kick, though effective in terms of areas and decision making, can still be a hit and miss in terms of its spin. Overall, the former Sydney Swans Academy member could be considered by her former club.


Jemima Wrigley represented the Eastern Allies back at the 2018 AFL Women’s Under 18 Championships, with her feature photo from said carnival.

Clean hands
Contested work
Defensive pressure
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]
Opposite foot


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