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Jemma Ramsdale

height: 174cm


D.O.B: 07-05-2005

Leagues: Vflw, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Jemma Ramsdale is one of the more competitive players in the AFLW Draft crop with an insatiable attitude to beat her opposing forward. The Dandenong Stingrays skipper has enjoyed a solid top-age season, with her last month in particular a purple patch that saw her beat a number of highly touted prospects en route to her team reaching a preliminary final.


+ Intercepting
+ One-on-ones
+ Reading the play
+ Footy IQ
+ Leadership
+ Competitiveness


- Athleticism
- Kicking consistency


Ramsdale exudes natural leadership and confidence in the way she goes about her football, and it shows in her one-on-one contests both in the air and at ground level. While she can find herself against more athletic defenders at times, the Stingrays defender's ability to time the ball well to spoil or impact the contest.

Off the ball is where Ramsdale does her best work. Simply because she sets up her team's defence and is able to be accountable for her direct opponent, while still knowing when to peel off and help out another teammate. Her defensive pressure both one-on-one and once the ball hits the deck is clear, and though occasionally she can give away the off free kick due to her ferociousness at tackling or frustration at losing a contest, it is still the attitude that clubs and coaches love to see.

From an offensive point of view, Ramsdale is a handy interceptor who against just competes each and every time, and though she might not have a huge vertical leap, reads the ball better than most and uses her smarts and body positioning to more often than not, pull in a mark. That reading of the play enables her to be a key anchor in defence, and that translated at the national carnival.

After a quiet first game against Queensland where the Country defence was under siege at times, Ramsdale missed the second clash of the carnival against Metro before returning to face Western Australia. Being rotated out of the lineup against Country's state rivals lit a fuse in Ramsdale, as the Stingrays talent racked up 21 disposals, four marks, four clearances, two inside 50s, four rebound 50s and laid six tackles.

One of the best for her side on that day, Ramsdale used that form to then springboard into the last month of the talent league season. She played on opponents such as Georgia Clark, Chantal Mason and Claire Mahony, limiting their respective influence in those matches leading to Stingrays' wins.

From the eye test, Ramsdale's game is a natural football one, with perhaps continuing to refine her kicking as an area of improvement with the ball. She has a neat short kick and generally makes good decisions as a whole, but the final execution over medium to long distances is a way that she can further weaponise her disposal.

The other knock, and the one that stands out is her athleticism. Not blessed with the explosive speed or the evasive nature of others, Ramsdale plays a game that suits her style and allows her to maximise the weapons at her disposal.

For clubs considering Ramsdale, the focus will be on her never-say-die attitude, ability to play both offensive and defensive roles, and a competitive attitude that is off the charts.


Jemma Ramsdale is a player who deservedly found a place inside our Top 40 Power Rankings over the past couple of months. Her form in the second half of the season was nothing short of outstanding, and while some clubs may focus on what she can’t do, Ramsdale has a variety of strengths that could see a club pounce somewhere mid-to-late in the draft.

Footy IQ
Intercept marking
Reading the play
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]


2023Southern Saints731010050322017.
2024Collingwood VFLW000000000000000000000

Coates Talent League Girls

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2023Dandenong Stingrays139772163300632027393159.

AFLW U18 Championships

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