Joel Freijah

height: 190cm

weight: 88kg

D.O.B: 14-11-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “A gut running wingman capable of producing ‘wow’ moments when on song, Joel Freijah has all the athletic tools and craft to be a damaging player at the next level.”

Boasting 10 promising games of Coates Talent League experience heading into his top-age year, Joel Freijah showed clear improvement early in 2023 as he made the wing his own. It was Greater Western Victoria’s Round 4 game against Dandenong that really saw Freijah bolt up draft boards, collecting 26 disposals, seven marks and six straight goals in a dominant performance.

Whilst he didn’t quite hit those same heights again for the rest of the season, Freijah continued about his business on the wing with consistent form for the Rebels and Vic Country. He was also tested with time on the inside and stints up forward, with his size, clean hands and running capacity all translating well across each role.



+ Clean hands
+ Evasiveness
+ Outside game
+ Size
+ Vision
+ Work rate


- Composure
- Kicking consistency

A player that seems to have perfect understanding of his role as a winger, Freijah has a lot of traits that will hold him in good stead heading into the next level. Most significantly, he covers ground well end-to-end and hold his width from the contest, keeping him involved as an option throughout large stretches of games. Freijah was a consistent accumulator for the Rebels on the outside, only dropping below 15 disposals for two of his 14 games this year, with his best performance for the season coming in Round 4 against Dandenong, accumulating 26 disposals and slotting six straight goals. Albeit, he was also utilised at centre bounces with a forward rotation.

At the National Championships, Freijah was a lock for the wing each game, where his gut running and clean ball use benefitted teammates, particularly heading forward, generally looking to move the ball into the corridor to open up the ground. Freijah didn’t quite accumulate to the same level he did at Talent League level, but still managed to impact in little ways to make up for it, with some smart tap ons for running teammates standing out. Freijah produced a standout game at representative level against Vic Metro, logging 16 disposals and two goals to show his ability to impact the scoreboard at higher levels of play.

Freijah is a pretty silky operator in all areas of the game, demonstrated with his ability to consistently work through traffic or side step opponents in front of him. He doesn’t get to show off that level of evasiveness as much on the outside, but in his few games with more of an inside role, caused headaches for opposition and proved hard to tackle even when they got a hand on him due to his size.

His general cleanliness at ground level and when moving the ball by hand is another strength of Freijah’s, generally remaining one touch below his knees even with oncoming pressure or when moving close to top speed. Also at top speed, he can pull of terrific passes going inside 50, albeit somewhat inconsistently.

While Freijah has the ability to do some truly remarkable things, he does at times rush with ball in hand under pressure which leads to a dump kick or floating handball forward without any real target. Building some consistency with his composure will be a crucial part to him becoming as good of a player as he can be, but if he does iron this out, and find a way to bring his scoreboard impact to more of the games he plays than less, he presents as an ideal modern wingman or utility.



There are plenty of weapons in Freijah’s arsenal that point towards him being an effective AFL level player. His running capacity and willingness to empty the tank each game makes him an ideal wingman, with potential to pinch-hit through the centre bounces or even play a role up forward. At 190cm, he’s already a good size and has the type of versatility that clubs will look for. Freijah’s early-season exploits had him pushing into top 20 contention, though he now seems more likely to be taken in the second or third round.

Clean hands
Outside game
Work rate
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Country25244911262870325346.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022GWV Rebels88681564100172023136108.86.815.
2023GWV Rebels158117275570035003922131411.38.419.
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