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Josh Rentsch

height: 197cm

weight: 100kg

D.O.B: 14-09-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Key Forward/Ruck

SNAPSHOT: "A powerful key forward who dominates aerially with his strength, but also shows his leadership quality with unselfish play inside 50."

Josh Rentsch is this year's version of the monster key forward who is simply too big and too strong for his opponents at junior level. Sizing up at 197cm and 100kg coming into the season, Rentsch is a player who caused all sorts of headaches for the opposition defences trying to contain him. Being one of the strongest contested marks in the latest AFL Draft crop, Rentsch can pull down grabs with or without contact, and usually has the ability to ragdoll his opponents. Naturally, Rentsch lacks athleticism given his size, and at times his set shot consistency can be an issue, which makes him more of a late-to-rookie selection.


+ Contested Marking
+ One-on-Ones
+ Strength
+ Leadership
+ Aggression


- Athleticism
- Ground Level Work
- Set Shot Consistency

Rentsch was a focal point for the GWV Rebels this year, and would have been for Vic Country if given enough opportunities. As well as his on-field abilities, Rentsch captained the Rebels this year and leads by example with his attack on the ball and willingness to put his body on the line. He can often come into trouble for that aggression, reported in Round 1 of this year, though it did not temper his determination to always provide a contest, and do anything within his power to win the ball back from the opposition.

As a player of his size and strength, Rentsch can be simply unstoppable at times in one-on-one contests, and it takes a really good - and smart - defender to try and either outmark him, or win the ball in a one-on-one contest. Rentsch might not have the athleticism, but once he gets planted, he is hard to move and he reads the ball in flight well coming in, anticipating where to lead and when to hold back and mark over the top. Often he is most damaging when assuming the back position in a marking contest, to nudge out his opponent and grab it cleanly.

Once the ball hits the deck though, Rentsch is not as clean below his knees and without the athleticism does not have the same impact as in the air. His aggression still translates, and he lays about two tackles per game, though more athletic opponents will look to burn him off. He has the versatility to roll through the ruck, though is definitely more of a pinch-hit option, and is a natural key forward. Averaging 12.4 disposals, 3.6 marks and 1.8 goals per game in the NAB League competition, Rentsch was the most dominant key forward there and tied for this year's Morrish Medal. He might have his limitations through athleticism, but he has some clear strengths that make him an imposing figure up forward.

DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie


Josh Rentsch is not too dissimilar to Charlie Dixon in the way he presents and with his strengths and areas of improvement. He can clunk massive contested marks, and work over opponents in one-on-one contests, and gets plenty of looks on goal. If he is on fire he can kick them from outside 50, or kick 1.6 as he did against Gippsland Power in Round 8. Regardless, any team looking for a more readymade key forward who is a natural leader, will consider Rentsch and he could play in that Dixon role going forward.

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