Balanced Midfielder, Medium Defender


Josh Sinn

height: 186cm

weight: 82kg

D.O.B: 07-01-2003

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys

POSITION: Defender/Midfielder

SNAPSHOT: "A line-breaking half-back who has shown promising development in midfield, Sinn’s greatest strengths are his speed and kick penetration."

Sandringham Dragons leader Josh Sinn came into his top-age season as one of the nation's most highly touted prospects, pegged for top 10 status having been a standout among the 2019 Under 16 All Australian squad. He captained an undefeated Vic Metro side in said carnival and looked every bit the damaging talent he has proven to be, offering a run and gun style off half-back with the added bonus of midfield work. Sinn used last year as a means to add strength to his 186cm frame and while he endured multiple injuries in 2021, was able to show glimpses of his best form. His final outing came for Vic Metro, which was cut short due to an ankle injury, but the diligent and versatile dasher showed enough as a top-ager to suggest he will safely remain a first round selection.


+ Speed
+ Run and carry
+ Kick penetration
+ Reading the play
+ Versatility
+ Leadership


- Kick consistency
- Composure

Sinn's most damaging traits are arguably best observed when he plays off half-back or the wing. Blessed with blistering straight-line speed and attacking instincts, there are passages where Sinn will dart the kick-in short, receive a handball back, and take off to carry the ball another 50 metres. He times his handball receives beautifully on the turnover and positions aggressively to intercept, reading the play well to turn defence into penetrative pieces of attack.

Often on the end of Sinn's running passages are booming left-foot kicks. Whether it be after carrying the ball from defence or contributing on either side of midfield, Sinn is not afraid to take the game on through the corridor and was given a license this year to back in his kicking skills, biting off lower-percentage options. Despite not always finding his radar this season, he is regarded internally as the best technical kick at Sandringham and looks to use that weapon, kicking 71 per cent of the time to help generate 100-metre plays.

When moving at such speed as Sinn, your quickness of mind needs to keep up with your fleet of foot. That is an area Sinn can look to refine, with his potentially damaging kicking not always coming off. Particularly early in the year, he would blaze away long or mis-hit his kicks when in full stride, resulting in several uncharacteristic clangers. The game which exemplified this best came in Round 4 against Dandenong, where Sinn played in midfield and generated 10 inside 50s. In the first half, he looked unlikely to hit the side of a barn door, but soon straightened up and began to hurt the opposition going forward.

Further to his kick consistency, Sinn can sometimes be rushed to dispose quickly given he often possesses the ball with speed on it. He is prone to dumping out handballs which invite pressure or improvising opposite-foot kicks which don't always come off, but are products of his willingness to constantly take the game on. With a bit more composure, he can find better consistency in his disposal without having to sacrifice his natural instincts in transition.

Back to his strengths, versatility is a big one which plays into Sinn's upside. In particular, his potential to develop as a balanced midfielder brings plenty of excitement given his powerful athletic profile. With a decent frame (186cm, 82kg) and explosive pace, Sinn could become an eye-catching ball winner in future. Though with plenty of time to develop that craft, he will likely start his career as a running half-back or wingman who lets his attacking exploits shine.



While arguably a top 5-10 talent coming into the year, Sinn has slid slightly down the order on the back of an interrupted season. One of his two greatest weapons, his kicking, was not as effective as it could have been this year but Sinn delivered on most other promises to showcase the damaging player he can be. Hamstring and ankle injuries may put question marks over his durability, though will unlikely see him slide out of the first round. If that is the case, he will be a bargain for any club given his potential to play early in year one, and the outstanding character/leadership he has shown throughout his junior career.


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