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Kai Lohmann

height: 185cm

weight: 76kg

D.O.B: 06-05-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Medium Forward

SNAPSHOT: "An elite athlete who has a combination of speed, evasion and vertical leap, making him a damaging forward who is clean overhead and can also get things done at ground level."

Kai Lohmann is an exciting talent out of the Greater Western Victoria (GWV) Rebels who has come on in leaps and bounds this year. The athletic talent can do some serious damage with ball in hand, and is clean in the air and at the coalface. He does have areas to improve such as his off-ball work and accumulation, but his overall potential is quite high and could be one of the bolters in the draft.


+ Speed
+ Evasion
+ Marking
+ Athleticism
+ Clean hands
+ Ground level work


- Accumulation
- Off-ball work
- Finishing

Lohmann has some top-end athletic traits that immediately catch the eye, and it showed in his AFL Vic Country Draft Combine testing. Recording the fourth fastest time in the 20m sprint, Lohmann also is able to compete in the air and has some outstanding evasion. The Rebels half-forward is not a massive ball winner, having only picked up 20-plus disposals one (against Gippsland Power in Round 8), but he can really produce some eye-catching moments through either soaring for a mark or ankle-breaking defenders to have shots on goal.

He might be flying under the radar somewhat given his potential and upside, but he has come a long way since even the start of the season. Viewed as a player that had to improve his work rate and be more team-oriented in front of goal - kicking 2.10 in his first seven games - Lohmann finished the year with 3.1 and was able to have greater impact on the scoreboard, though not just off his own boot. At times he might try to do too much with ball in hand, but his ability to do magical things was certainly what caught the eye during 2021, and has thrown himself right into mid-draft contention.

Lohmann is a player who can be a marking option or crumbing option inside 50, and he often plays as that high half-forward who can sniff out a goal. He has clean hands and can dish off the quick hands to teammates when in close, or receive on the outside and go for a run. Given time and space, Lohmann has the potential to do a lot of damage, and his aerial and ground work can be equally impactful. If he continues to build on his areas of improvement and can convert his chances in front of goal, he is a player to watch in the future.



Kai Lohmann is tipped to go mid-draft, with some clubs viewing the Rebels speedster as a second round option. He has plenty of upside, and his athletic traits and ability to make things happen - particularly through evasion - are what sets him aside from some others. He does have areas to improve on, but he made noticeable strides in 2021, and is someone, who, with the right environment, could flourish and be a value selection in the future.

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