Wing, Small Forward


Keely Fullerton

height: 160cm


D.O.B: 30-01-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Keely Fullerton is a skilled left-footer with a terrific speed-endurance base and a touch of class that enables to have a high impact on games. Though not a high production player, Fullerton is able to influence games off a wing or when pushing forward, and hits the scoreboard consistently for a midfielder.


+ Speed
+ Endurance
+ Kicking
+ Scoreboard impact
+ Defensive pressure
+ Class


- Production
- Four-quarter consistency


Fullerton is a player who can tend to fly under the radar, particularly when two of her Pioneers teammates in Lila Keck and Bryde O'Rourke catch the eye with their own flashes of brilliance. However, Fullerton may well be the most rounded of the trio, even if her consistency and production might not be as high.

There is a lot to like about Fullerton, from her all-round athletic base, to her natural footballing skill, and balance of offensive and defensive traits. She is an underrated prospect who in fairness, over her body of work deserves to be among the top 40 prospects this year. There are many layers to her game, and she has played 26 games at Talent League level across three seasons, building on each.

Her top-age year saw her averages rise to 10.4 disposals, 3.9 tackles and 2.6 inside 50s per game. Though not mindblowing numbers, Fullerton is more of a player who impresses from the eye view rather than on a stats page. Rarely will a Fullerton touch not impact a game in some way, as she knows how to effectively use her explosive speed to win the ball forward of centre, and when within range, has a long penetrating kick for a 161cm talent.

Though a natural winger, Fullerton can play inside 50 as well, and throughout her 12 games, kicked nine goals and showed her ability to contribute on the scoreboard as well as set others up. She has that class with ball-in-hand, and though sometimes can make mistakes by going for those riskier passes, her overall disposal and ability to breakdown opposition defensive zones gives her the licence to take risks.

From an athletic point of view, Fullerton finished among the best in the agility (8.532 seconds) while also recording a sub 3.3-second 20m sprint and eight-minute flat 2km time trial. Those scores really exemplify Fullerton's key strengths when it comes to her game, and the fact she can use it well with ball-in-hand only adds to those areas.

With all that being said, Fullerton is still a developing prospect, and realistically she will need to get into more ball-winning positions. Averaging around 10 touches through the middle - likely off a wing - will need to lift against bigger and equally as smart players, and she will have to develop greater four-quarter consistency to limit fading in and out of games at times.

It is more about the understanding rather than the fitness, as her endurance levels are high. Once those areas can further improve, she will have a sustained impact on contests. But aside from those elements, her balance of offensive and defensive traits really standout and her profile, though not the most publicised of the Pioneers young stars, holds its own against some of the better wingers in the AFLW Draft crop.


Keely Fullerton is an eye-catching prospect with an all-round gamestyle. She has outstanding speed and endurance, a nice balance of offensive and defensive traits, and a knack for hitting the scoreboard. Once she begins to accumulate the ball more consistently, she will take her game to another level, but expect clubs to consider her on upside from the second round onwards.

Defensive pressure
Scoreboard impact
Four-quarter consistency

Coates Talent League Girls

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2022Bendigo Pioneers58207812002800122387.
2023Bendigo Pioneers99261251500470031139128.

AFLW U18 Championships

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