Tall Defender


Kiara Bischa

height: 171cm


D.O.B: 15-04-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Kiara Bischa enjoyed a huge 2023 season to be an AFLW Draft bolter and put her name up in lights off the back of a consistent run of games with Gold Coast Suns Academy, Queensland and Bond University. The competitive defender has some impressive traits, and while there is improvement to come, she has earned a place among the better defenders in this year’s crop.


+ Clean hands
+ Competitiveness
+ Kicking
+ One-on-ones
+ Defensive accountability
+ Defensive versatility


- Positioning
- Marking


Bischa has done well adapting to a multitude of teams this year representing Bond University either side of a campaign with the Suns Academy and then Queensland at the AFLW Under 18 Championships. While all those sides are stacked with young talent, Bischa stood out to claim the Academy Player of the Year award, showing just how highly regarded she is internally.

Perhaps the performance that put her on the map was her national carnival game against Lauren Young, where she kept the top AFLW Draft prospect to just one goal and did just about all you can with a player of Young's size, strength and attributes. Then against Vic Country, with potential top pick Ash Centra running hot with two goals in two minutes, Bischa moved onto her and did not allow another major from that point on.

The 174cm defender is ultra-competitive and has clean hands. She is able to time her spoils well, and her defensive accountability really shines. But perhaps the fact that she can still provide some offensive drive is what really catches the eye, as she is not just a pure stopper.

With ball-in-hand, Bischa is generally composed and uses the ball well coming out of the back half. The Queensland defender is clean when it hits the ground, and that is another point of difference in her game. While many talls are out of the contest after the initial action, Bischa is just as comfortable in winning it off the deck and evading would be tacklers to clear the ball to safety.

Given Bischa is only 174cm, she can tend to get nudged under the ball, but her competitiveness allows her to keep fighting at all times. It is another reason why she does not take as many marks as some other defenders and is a self-proclaimed area of improvement. Her speciality is more halving contests and then going to work at ground level.

As she gains greater experience her understanding against bigger and equally smart footballers will improve and she will be better equipped to deal with it. Having played against senior footballers in the QAFL Women's, Bischa has had a taste against a variety of opponents.

Between her ability to stay accountable on an opponent and that opponent being of a variety of sizes, she is able to play a crucial role in any team defence. Given her strides she has made this year, Bischa is definitely one who will continue to improve.

Going forward, Bischa has a lot of traits that both standout for a lockdown defender, and an offensive defender, with her two-way game a really strong point of difference. She can play a variety of roles and clubs will be keen to add that kind of player to their side.


Kiara Bischa is one of the more balanced defenders in this year’s AFLW Draft crop, with a nice suite of offensive and defensive traits that hold her in good stead for the future. She is one who can play on talls and smalls, but most importantly take the big jobs required of her. Among the top 30 players in this year’s draft, Bischa will draw interest both from her Academy-tied Brisbane Lions and a number of other teams as well.

Clean hands
Defensive accountability
Defensive versatility

Coates Talent League Girls

2022SUNS Academy13400020000011.
2023SUNS Academy1662230080017028.

AFLW U18 Championships

2023Queensland Girls21526411101201011037.
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