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Kyanne Campbell

height: 164cm


D.O.B: 13-01-2005

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Kyanne Campbell has long been identified as a potential draftee out of the Northern Territory, spending two years in the AFLW Academy, and representing the Allies across both national carnivals. A small forward, Campbell is eligible as a father-daughter for both St Kilda and Sydney, with her father Fred playing seven and five AFL games respectively at the turn over the 21st century.


- Evasion
- Forward craft
- Goal sense
- X-Factor
- Speed


- Consistency
- Endurance
- Versatility


Campbell is what you would expect of a raw, but naturally talented small forward. She has moments within matches and the season itself where she shows glimpses of her potential, but is craving that consistency to build upon those moments for the future. As a member of the AFLW Academy alongside her father-daughter ties, clubs have had plenty of opportunities to track the youngster's development over the years.

Starting with Campbell's strengths, it is evident that her forward craft, in particular her goal sense, comes naturally. She is a player who generally stands deep inside 50 and uses little bursts to get away from her opponents. Though not a one-on-one player, Campbell is dangerous once the ball hits the deck and she can get goalside. With her speed, Campbell is one who can create some headaches once she sees the goals ahead of her.

One example was her performance for South Adelaide against West Adelaide in a top of the table clash at Noarlunga in Round 3 of the SANFLW season. She kicked two goals in a low-scoring slog, including the match-winner in the final term to get her side over the line. That day she had a season-high five disposals, further illustrating her standing as an low-production, high-impact player in front of goals.

In the end, Campbell played the five SANFLW games for an average of 3.2 disposals and four total goals, before having a stint in the Talent League Girls competition. The 163cm forward had her best game of the season in the close loss against Bendigo Pioneers, even spending time up the ground and racking up 14 disposals, three marks and three inside 50s.

From there, Campbell was selected for the Allies, where she averaged 2.5 disposals and a mark across three games. Given the Allies went through the national carnival winless, it was a tougher competition for small forwards, and therefore with lack of opportunity, Campbell struggled.

One area that has held Campbell back is her endurance, which is why for the majority of games, she has been pidgeonholed in that small forward role. That leads to a lack of consistency and versatility in her game, which the latter is not as important if she is to be that dangerous small forward at the next level. Along with those elements, Campbell is raw in a number of areas and will undoubtedly be a long-term prospect if selected.

Kyanne Campbell is a specialist small forward who is raw with plenty of development to come. She has shown she can be a match-winner around goals, and has some spark about the way she plays. With some handy traits, it is about working on building up her game, and it will be interesting if either Sydney or St Kilda opt to select her as a father-daughter.

Forward craft
Goal sense

SANFL Women's League

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Coates Talent League Girls

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AFLW U18 Championships

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