Levi Ashcroft

height: 179cm


D.O.B: 18-12-2006

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

It’s hard to shake the tag of being the brother of Will Ashcroft and son of Marcus, but Levi is doing as good a job as any of blazing his own trail. The Brisbane Lions father-son prospect is a midfielder with high level footy IQ and the work rate to match his smarts. It results in monster disposal hauls across all levels and Ashcroft has proven to be a big game player who takes on the big moments. He'll be a pick one contender in 2024.

AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Metro3644801519637051241312.014.726.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022Sandringham Dragons49419018002500204768.26.815.
2023Sandringham Dragons119177296370036004316131110.816.
2024Sandringham Dragons43398214007001954314.313.
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