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Liliana Grassenis

height: 176m


D.O.B: 18-12-2005

Leagues: WAFL Women's, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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If competitiveness and defensive accountability is what a club is looking for, then West Perth’s Liliana Grassenis is the perfect choice. The tall defender is not the flashiest talent going around, but she is strong one-on-one, has speed to close down opponents on the lead, and has reliable hands overhead to pluck intercept marks.


+ Competitiveness
+ One-on-ones
+ Defensive accountability
+ Speed
+ Aerial ability


- Kicking consistency
- Endurance


Grassenis earned an AFLW Draft Combine invite off the back of a rock solid couple of years. As a bottom-ager for the Falcons, she was one of a number of shining lights in the back 50 as West Perth struggled in its inaugural season in 2022. As the year went on, she got more comfortable with her role, and was able to release the shackles a little and win the ball with confidence.

Entering her top-age year, Grassenis was thrown forward as a change of scenery, and though by her own admission she was not a fan and preferred playing in defence, it added another experience to her CV. When West Perth changed senior coaches mid-season, Grassenis was back in her defensive post and playing to her strengths.

Her work without the ball is what she does so well. Defending is her best area, because she is strong, accountable and ultra-competitive. She hates losing and will compete in every contest she can. If she cannot intercept mark, she will spoil and then lay a bone-crunching tackle to lock it up. Her own game is often sacrificed for the team, but it also plays to her strengths.

As a bottom-ager, her kicking was a clear deficiency in her game. That was a combination of the pressure from the opposition as well as her own technique. Since entering her top-age year, Grassenis has improved that area of her game to update her style to a one-handed ball drop off her kicking, but her impact-per-possession can still go further, and hitting targets consistently is a work in progress.

From an athletic standpoint, she can compete aerially, and tests well from a speed and agility standpoint, ranking highly in the former in particular. The area that still needs work is her endurance, with injury ruling her out for a large portion of the 2023 season. She missed the first AFLW Under 18 Championships match against South Australia, but returned to play the last two matches and average six disposals and two rebound 50s per match.

Going forward, Grassenis has room to develop in her game, and offensively could still reach new heights. For a club that might select the West Perth defender, they are doing so off the back of an incredible defensive game that is both aerially and ground level sound.


Liliana Grassenis earned an AFLW Draft Combine invite, and though no certainty to be picked up, still has areas that she can go away to work on regardless if that is at the top level, or remaining at state league level. With extra time she could round out her game nicely, and given the high amount of WAFLW prospect picked up this year as injury replacement players, it gives plenty of credence to the competition and its development beyond a player’s top-age year.

Aerial ability
Defensive accountability
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

WAFL Women's

2022West Perth5423771300371000086.
2023West Perth4130711400400060394.
2024West Perth000000000000000000000

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Western Australia Girls571230060002022.
2023Western Australia Girls751228440004023.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Western Australia14112530030136027.05.512.
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