Tall Forward


Logan Morris

height: 191cm

weight: 90kg

D.O.B: 05-10-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “Logan Morris is a strong-marking forward who hits the scoreboard with great regularity and can also swing to defence.”

Having spearheaded the Western Jets for two seasons, Logan Morris lays claim to the relatively rare feat of bagging 30 goals in consecutive Coates Talent League campaigns. He landed exactly on that mark from 10 games this year, having managed 31 to put his name in lights as a bottom-ager in 2022.

Morris rose to prominence with a breakout performance in last year’s Vic Metro Under 17 side, booting five goals against Queensland in wet conditions. Fast forward to the 2023 Under 18 National Championships, and Morris produced another standout representative showing with four majors and 11 marks against WA.

The 18-year-old also turned out for Werribee in the VFL and while he sustained a knee injury, still snared a pair of goals against senior opposition. At 191cm, he draws inspiration from the likes of Charlie Curnow and Brody Mihocek as strong marking targets who work hard up the ground. Morris’ point of difference is he can also play down back.


+ Clean hands
+ Contested marking
+ Scoreboard impact
+ Set shot goalkicking
+ Strength


- Athleticism
- Running capacity

Morris' greatest strength is his aerial ability, particularly the realm of contested marking. Boasting bucket-like hands, the 191cm target reads the flight of the ball beautifully and clunks strong grabs at will. Despite measuring up below true key position size, he has become accustomed to being the go-to tall for Western Jets.

His Talent League average of 4.8 marks (two contested) was boosted to 5.3 at the National Championships, thanks largely to his 11-mark (five contested) and four-goal game against Western Australia. It's clear that asset is best utilised inside 50, but Morris has also worked on presenting further afield to help link transitional play from defence.

While still listed as an improvement, Morris has taken great strides in developing his running capacity. Aware of his in-between size and what's required of modern day marking forwards, he did a mountain of work in preseason to ensure he could get to more contests and cover more ground throughout four quarters.

His numbers read like a true key forward though, stacked in the marks and goals columns. Morris' scoreboard impact this year was incredibly consistent, booting multiple goals in all bar one of his 10 Talent League games - he kicked 0.4 in the outlier. He has a sound set shot routine and can also go around the corner, pouring on scoring shots from all angles.

It's clear, then, that Morris' traits will most likely translate to a second or third tall forward at the top level. He has the strength to compete with mature bodies, but with a better endurance base and perhaps some work on his overall athletic profile, he will begin to thrive. Having the flexibility to also play in defence helps, as he did at representative level this year.



Morris is one of the many players in this year’s draft whose range is relatively wide, meaning he may split recruiters from club to club. Regardless, he should have enough fans to earn a shot at the next level given his exploits over the last two years, where he dominated junior opposition at his best. He knows what his strengths lie, where he needs to improve, and where he may fit into an AFL system – likely as a second or third tall forward. The second or third round sounds about right for him.

Clean hands
Contested marking
Scoreboard impact
Set shot goalkicking
Running capacity

AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Metro32154721222520137448.03.811.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022Western Jets82261084800144012029145.
2023Western Jets92251174800172012230109.22.511.
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