Tall Defender


Oscar Morrison

height: 193cm

weight: 86kg

D.O.B: 21-08-2003

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys

One of the more underrated prospects this year with plenty of upside is Geelong Falcons’ Morrison. The athletic tall defender is that in-between size at 193cm, but plays the rebounding role really well. He can take the grabs, then burst away with rare speed and also have that ability to pinpoint passes. He still has to iron out his consistency and add another string to his bow, but looked more damaging this year.

In his 10 games for the Falcons, Morrison averaged 13.5 disposals, 4.8 marks and 3.3 rebound 50s, often taking the game on through intercepting and then taking off to kick further afield. Whilst he did not always have high impact in every outing - suggesting more consistency is needed to round out his game - his highlights package would be entertaining and one that would indicate a high upside if everything can click. Whilst he was pigeonholed into that defensive role, Morrison arguably has the athleticism to play further afield if required.


+ Athleticism
+ Intercept marking
+ Skill
+ Rebounding
+ Upside


- Consistency
- Versatility

Coates Talent League Boys

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