Oscar Ryan

height: 187cm

weight: 77kg

D.O.B: 15-05-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “Oscar Ryan is an aggressive rebound defender who takes the game on with speed and intensity, but can also intercept bravely.”

Having shown good promise across seven bottom-age games last year, Murray Bushrangers defender Oscar Ryan has come on strongly in 2023. The Shepparton United product was not included in the initial Vic Country hub heading into his draft year, but worked into the fold to play a full National Championships.

Ryan waxed with a bunch of capable rebound defenders in Country’s back line and was also a mainstay in the Bushrangers’ defence, which saw a lot of action this season. Not only did he hold up well against opposition attacks, but he hit back on the rebound and was a constant attacking threat with his carving runs and kicking.



+ Defensive versatility
+ Intercepting
+ Rebounding
+ Speed
+ Toughness


- Composure
- Disposal consistency

An eye-catching player who blends old school toughness with a modern day slingshot style, Ryan is quite versatile in his defensive duties. At 187cm, he's capable of playing above his size but can also hunt at ground level or blanket dangerous forwards. He's very much an attacking asset too, with rebounding making up a large part of his overall profile.

Ryan ran a three-second flat 20m sprint at the National Draft Combine and breaks the lines with such speed on-field. He's agile enough to step around opponents and backs his ability to do so. Not only does he drive his legs with intent, but Ryan also makes aggressive decisions to attack the corridor and will often deliver spearing passes via route one.

When it all comes off, Ryan is one of the most damaging players in his role. Though, he can sometimes too often play in a high gear and rush his execution on the counter-attack. Biting off a greater number of low-percentage options also impacts his efficiency, but he's usually good enough to make it work. If he can balance the tempo of his play and decision making, he'll be all the more effective.

To compliment his attacking drive, Ryan has made vast improvements in the way of intercepting. He averaged 5.2 marks and 7.9 intercept possessions across 10 Coates Talent League games this year, often seen putting his body on the line and springing up at full stretch to reel the ball in. Unlike many other playmaking defenders, it means he's capable of winning his own ball.

Having been made to compete with the likes of Angus Hastie, Luamon Lual, and Billy Wilson in Vic Country's back line, Ryan's numbers were down during the National Championships, but he produced a consistent season in Bushrangers colours and is a willing two-way defender with strong upside. He'll likely only continue to add weapons to his arsenal, too.



There are many rebound defenders scattered across this year’s cohort of AFL hopefuls, and Ryan is one with a chance of being snapped up in the National Draft. His ability to break the lines and turn defence into attack is appealing, as is the intensity with which he plays. There remains a few touches of polish to add, but the improving 18-year-old should have a decent amount of interest at the back-end of the intake.

Defensive versatility
Disposal consistency

AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Country24194391718701411046.04.810.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022Murray Bushrangers56579333001800517178.
2023Murray Bushrangers1506921952004200215101015.06.921.
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