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Rania Crozier

height: 178cm


D.O.B: 18-11-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Queensland forward Rania Crozier is another of the talented athletic tall forwards who will shape the face of AFL Women’s in the future. With an exciting aerial presence, clean hands and a high work rate, Crozier has plenty of upside that clubs, including her Academy-linked Brisbane Lions.


+ Aerial ability
+ Contested marking
+ Athleticism
+ Clean hands
+ Work rate
+ Upside


- Consistency
- Production


The Aspley talent has been a draft bolter of sorts since returning from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury last year. Crozier played exclusively through the QAFL Women's where she plied her trade for the Hornets against senior opponents. Kicking nine goals in 13 games, she showed off her rare athleticism and ability to clunk the ball at the highest point.

Her form in the state league competition was enough to catch the eye of Lions Academy coaches, and AFLW Academy head coach Tarkyn Lockyer agreed, adding her to the AFLW Academy despite not playing for her state at the national carnival. That decision proved great foresight with Crozier going from strength to strength this year.

Crozier only played the eight QAFL Women's games, kicking six goals, but also booted goals in each of her three Talent League games for the unbeaten Lions Academy, and represented her country at Marvel Stadium. At the national carnival, Crozier played two matches, with her best performance coming against the Allies where she kicked three goals to be one of the best.

From a draft profile perspective, Crozier's marking is what really stands out, with the teenager a clean taker of the ball and one who can also crash packs if required. She has the high work rate to go with it, and will compete if the ball gets to ground.

Once on the deck, Crozier has clean hands to scoop it up and remain in the play and active in transitional work from the middle to attack, also able to play up around the ball. Another tall who can play as a midfielder in the future if required, Crozier has the size to worry opponents and the mobility to work around the ground and present a marking target at 179cm.

Unfortunately the tall target missed the QAFL Women's Grand Final and Draft Combine testing due to injury, but showed enough during the year for recruiters to know exactly what they are going to get. Her consistency and production rates can tend to fluctuate, which is why they are improvements in her game, but her best is very good.

Given her limited time in an elite junior program, Crozier has come along in leaps and bounds and exceeded expectations to be among the better AFLW Draft prospects in 2023. As an athletic tall, the Aspley talent has the room for growth to further improve other elements of her game, but like all new-age forwards is an exciting player with a fantastic highlight reel.


Rania Crozier has a lot of potential to go with her substance that has only grown exponentially in 2023. No doubt Brisbane Lions are looking closely at the top-ager, and under the new bidding rules, will need to have a pick adequate to match. A second round bid is likely given her relative talent to the draft pool, though a late first round nomination would not be out of the question given her upside.

Aerial ability
Clean hands
Contested marking
Work rate

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2023Lions Academy261238110067030438.

AFLW U18 Championships

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