Midfielder, Forward


Seth Campbell

height: 182cm

weight: 73kg

D.O.B: 29-12-2004

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys

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SNAPSHOT: “A clever and crafty forward who works opponents over up the ground, and hurts them on the way back to goal.”

A late addition to the National Combine list, Seth Campbell has been made to prove himself in 2022. The Burnie native emerged as one to watch after Tasmania’s Under 17 clash with Queensland last year, and quickly became a key cog in the Devils’ mid-forward rotation as a top-ager.

Campbell averaged 19 touches, 4.7 inside 50s and over a goal per his 13 NAB League games this season, earning Allies selection and even breaking through for a senior TSL berth with North Launceston. It was there where he produced arguably his standout performance, booting 10.6 from 32 disposals to leap firmly onto the draft radar.


+ Ground balls
+ Scoreboard impact
+ Smarts
+ Speed
+ Work rate


- Contested work
- Strength

Though there were a few standout performances throughout Campbell's season, he proved relatively consistent as a core creative member of the Tasmania Devils squad. Utilised as a high half-forward who spent stints in midfield, he was a relatively permanent attacking 50 fixture for the Allies and showcased much of his smarts there.

As all smalls should be, Campbell is clean at ground level and combines his speed and smarts to give opposition defenders headaches. He's great at crumbing and snapping goals, but can just as easily sneak out the back on a fast break and convert the easiest of chances. His 10-goal haul for North Launceston, or six majors for Tasmania showcase those two main scoring avenues.

Though he can play deep or on-ball, Campbell himself says he is best suited to that high half-forward role. There, he uses his legs in a different way to outwork his direct opponent up the ground, accumulate possessions, and then burn them off on the way back to goal. That side of his game gives him a nice speed-endurance balance.

Campbell's improvement come in the way of contested work. He has the nous to work out of tight spots, but perhaps doesn't quite have the size to be a primary on-baller just yet. Instead, he can receive and accelerate away before making good decisions when delivering to his forwards.



It will be interesting to see how clubs rate Campbell, who has the potential to be an effective high half-forward or goalkicking small at the next level. He offers a speed-endurance blend in the way he plays and has the smarts to excel in areas most players his size do. As it stands, and given the interest piqued by his late-season feats, he may be a value option late in the draft.

Footy IQ
Ground balls
Scoreboard impact
Work rate
Contested work

AFL U18 Championships


Coates Talent League Boys

2021Tasmania Devils58399726002400192387.34.912.
2022Tasmania Devils1776924663005300619161313.65.318.
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