Tate Coleman

height: 179cm

weight: 70kg

D.O.B: 05-10-2000

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships

STRENGTHS: Agility, speed, rebound, accumulation, marking

SUMMARY: South Adelaide Under 18s captain and a member of the South Australian state side, Tate Coleman has had a consistent 2018, accumulating plenty of the ball through the midfield and off half-back. He works hard between the arcs, provides his side with good rebound and sets up the play by regularly collecting high mark numbers. Slotting into the South Australian side for one championship match, Coleman amassed 11 disposals (six kicks and five handballs), accompanied by five marks and two tackles. Having led the Panthers under-age side well, he made a successful transition up to the SANFL Reserves level for one game during the course of the season. Coleman will need to improve upon his endurance if he is picked up by an AFL club but racks up plenty of marks, can provide rebound from half-back, is agile and has a decent burst of speed when required.

AFL U18 Championships

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