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Tom Brown

height: 186cm

weight: 71kg

D.O.B: 30-07-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Medium Defender

SNAPSHOT: "A smooth-moving half-back who reads the play well, and is a good decision maker by hand or foot, working hard in transition to provide drive out of the defensive 50."

Tom Brown is an athletic half-back from the Murray Bushrangers, who is the son of Geelong Cats' Paul, but not eligible for the father-son rule due to his father not reaching the 100-game minimum requirement. The clean running defender, who can also push up the ground and play off a wing, has some eye-catching outside traits, and nice footy smarts to-boot. His athletic abilities combined with his smarts and ability to read the play make him a natural outside player, with his strength and contested work areas to improve on.


+ Speed
+ Athleticism
+ Rebounding
+ Footy smarts
+ Reading the play
+ Clean hands


- Contested work
- Strength

Brown has only managed to play the five NAB League Boys games this season in what has been an interrupted year for him like so many others, but he had back-to-back impressive outings picking up 20-plus disposals against the Geelong Falcons and Bendigo Pioneers, where his run and carry, and drive down the ground were ultra-impressive. He is often the player who will run to the outside of a stoppage to either receive the handball or grab the loose ball and take off, with his speed among the better players in the AFL Draft crop. Whilst naturally quick and also gifted with a nice vertical leap, it is his footy smarts that set him aside from his peers.

Most running half-backs will have the athletic traits down pat, but what separates Brown from the field is his footy smarts and reading of the play. He knows when to give and go, and when to hold up and switch play, as well as having the composure to size up options and relieve with a backwards handball, if his teammate has the best chance of advancing the ball forward. He has clean hands which helps him clunk intercept marks and take off, and he can have a real impact in transition down the ground. The other side of the coin with being prolific at this game style, is the contested work which could be improved.

Brown only weighed in at 71kg coming into the season, so naturally strength is an easy area where the Bushrangers talent can build and allow him to win more contested balls. He only averaged just over a tackle per game, but that was more his role rather than intent, with Brown still willing to aide his team defensively. Being an outside receiver or interceptor, Brown rarely goes into the coalface which makes sense given his body size and strengths, and it is likely he will settle as that outside running talent to really impact matches with his work down the ground. His kicking is generally pretty good, and whilst not elite, is still fairly penetrative, and he can use his left as well as his dominant right foot.



Overall, Tom Brown is an exciting running talent who can provide that transitional play for a side, be it slotting in at half-back or on a wing. He knows how to win the ball in defence, rebound it out and switch play to the open side if required. He needs to build up his strength to be able to compete against stronger bodies, which is why Brown is suited to an outside or flank role. His footy smarts and reading of the play allow him to succeed in this role, and is the type of role he will be likely to play at the top level anyway.

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