Trent Mynott

height: 184.8cm

weight: 75.1kg

D.O.B: 04-10-1999

DRAFT ANALYSIS: “Inside midfielder who has plenty of scope for development”

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys


Trent Mynott has flown under the radar in 2017 but is a player with draftable characterstics after playing some strong games on the inside for the Eastern Ranges, Vic Metro and Caulfield Grammar this year. In all three teams, he has linked up with likely draftee Dylan Moore – forming a lethal combination, which saw them combine for 65 disposals, 20 tackles, 19 clearances and 10 inside 50s in one TAC Cup game. Mynott’s clearance work is very good for a player who is not built as big as some of the other inside midfielders in the draft pool. He can zip away from a stoppage and he moves well in the contest.


  • Clearance work
  • Acceleration
  • Agility

Mynott’s clearance work is outstanding, averaging 6.5 clearances in the TAC Cup. Despite not being a big body, he is able to get the ball from a stoppage and get it out to a teammate. Mynott looks his best when he is clearing the ball by hand, while at times he can just bang it forward out of a stoppage – which can bring down his kicking efficiency at times. He averaged 5.6 clearances in the TAC Cup, ranking in the top five of all Victorian National Combine invites.

Coming out of a stoppage, his acceleration is good and he can get good distance between himself and his opponents over the first few steps. This can be an asset when he picks up the ball from ground level and gets it going forward. It is an area of his game which can separate the good inside midfielders from the also-rans, so to have a strong burst of acceleration is important to his draft chances. Mynott also possesses good agility which can help on the inside, where he can step around opponents if required. He is a smooth mover and it helps when trying to step his way through traffic.


  • Speed
  • Kicking
  • Endurance

Compared to other midfielders overall, Mynott’s speed is a little down. At the National Draft Combine, Mynott ran a time of 3.22 seconds – which put him in the bottom five bracket. Despite having a good acceleration and over the first few steps, overall his speed can be a bit down on some of the other midfielders in the draft pool.

Mynott’s kicking efficiency was below average throughtout the NAB AFL Under 18 Championships and TAC Cup. In the Under 18 carnival, Mynott kicked at 46.2 per cent and in his seven TAC Cup games his efficiency was 45.7 per cent. At times going forward coming out of the stoppage, he can just bang the ball forward – which can often result in a turnover. Whilst inside midfielders have a kicking efficiency of around 50-60 per cent, if Mynott can clean it up and remain composed for a bit longer when he has ball in hand, it would make him a much more damaging player getting the ball going forward.

Mynott did suffer an ankle injury in a school football game towards the end of the season, but his endurance tests at the National Draft Combine in the Yo-Yo test and the 2km time trial could be improved. In the Yo-Yo test he scored 21.2, just above average - while his 2km time trial of 6 minutes and 58 seconds was only just below average.



Mynott has plenty of scope for development as a midfielder, with his inside work being a big strength. His clearance work and tackling efforts are impressive, where he can be a damaging player in the centre of the ground. If he can improve his endurance, there's no doubt he can adapt to be a long term midfielder.

AFL U18 Championships

2016Vic Metro000000000000000000000
2017Vic Metro263157111344150164038.710.319.

Coates Talent League Boys

2016Eastern Ranges784111920003300005711.15.917.
2017Eastern Ranges116631792695773304521167814.57.922.
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