Tyler Brown

height: 186.6cm

weight: 71.45kg

D.O.B: 09-12-1999

DRAFT ANALYSIS: "Tyler Brown is a balanced midfielder who has great footy smarts and has plenty of development left in him."

Leagues: Coates Talent League Boys


Tyler Brown is a name which has intrigued Collingwood fans as the year wore on. Initially starting as an undraftable prospect having next to none elite junior football under his belt, Brown rocketed into draft calculations to the point where the Magpies have committed to the father-son in the National Draft. While it still means another club could pinch Brown should they choose not to match, it means the Eastern Ranges junior will be selected and has come a long way in the past 12 months. It is hard to get a full read on Brown given his limited exposure to the TAC Cup season, but it is clear he is a smooth mover who is balanced, composed and a nice kick of the football on either side. Most importantly, Brown has a high football IQ which he uses to think his way through his decisions and make the appropriate choice of execution by hand or foot. He is still very raw and his statistics reveal a player who does not find a heap of the football nor spread as well as he could, but to understand how Brown plays, you need to watch him live which is what will impress fans.


  • Footy smarts
  • Kicking
  • Balanced
  • Future scope

Tyler Brown is a completely different player to his much smaller brother Callum. He does not find the football like Callum, nor is he as developed as Callum, but the 186.6cm midfielder/forward is balanced and composed with the football in hand like his brother and can kick on both feet. He has the footy smarts in comparison with Callum, but is a better executor of the football and given his movement and disposal, he has a high footy scope.

Brown is one who will take a few years to develop so Pies fans will need to be patient, but it is clear Brown has come along in leaps and bounds already this season. He was basically a write off 12 months ago, but he continued to work and as he built up his confidence, he really started to shine, including a clever goal from the boundary in the Eastern Ranges' elimination final loss to Dandenong Stingrays. He might not win a heap of it, but he uses it well and often kicks long rather than hit-up a short, easy target.


  • Accumulation
  • Confidence

Brown is naturally a raw prospect who will take time and with confidence his development will improve. Earlier in the season at times he did not look to get near it and was unsure whether to go in or stay out of a contest. It culminated in him barely touching the football, but by season's end he was looking a different player having impressed in the APS competition and translating that form into the TAC Cup. He still has plenty to work on in regards to his confidence, but you can tell having seen him live at the start of the season and at the end, that he is someone who is building towards big things.

He still needs to find more of the football, averaging just 12 disposals per game, but considering his first handful of matches were just a few touches, he is getting there. If he can learn a few tricks without the ball, then he can show off a few of his tricks when he has the ball in hand.

DRAFT PROJECTION: Late third round onwards


Tyler Brown is surely set to be a Magpie, joining his brother Callum at the same club his father and club captain Gavin played at for many years. Brown is a development player who will be a few years away from impacting at senior level, but has shown signs that he is capable of using the ball well and being a handy player across half-forward. Eventually he will make the move into the midfield as he is not afraid to win the contested ball, he just has to learn how to approach the contest and win the football most effectively. Once he has it, he is a clever, balanced and composed user and the Magpies are likely to have a good prospect on their hands late in the draft.

Coates Talent League Boys

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