2021 Big V Women’s: Round 19

IT was a big return to the Big V Women’s competition after three weeks off, with the 10 teams recommencing hostilities last weekend. Three of the five games were decided by double-figure points.

Casey (68) defeated by McKinnon (76)

McKinnon Cougars added some distance on its rivals in an eight-point victory over Casey Cavaliers. The Cougars got off to a terrific start, adding 20-14 in the first term and then 23-15 in the second to open up a 43-29 lead heading into the main break. Refusing to go away, the Cavaliers hit back with a better second half, closing the deficit to six by the final whistle, but the Cougars had done enough in the first half to win, 76-68. It was a vital result for the visitors, moving two games clear of the Cavaliers in third, which had the result gone the other way, both sides would have been on 10 wins.

Tegan Cunningham was busy once again with 18 points, 14 rebounds, four assists and two steals, leading the way with Rosie Fadljevic (15 points, eight rebounds and five assists) and Amelia Todhunter (17 points, four assists and two rebounds). Sarah Parsons (17 points, 10 rebounds and three assists) was best-on for her efforts which included four of nine from beyond the arc, while Rachel Bell (17 points, five rebounds and two assists) was busy for the Cavaliers, as was Taylor Lee (13 points, five rebounds and four assists).

Hume (60) defeated by Wyndham (66)

In the tightest game of the round between two mid-table sides, Wyndham got the better of Hume, notching a six-point victory in the road. The away side went ahead at quarter time 25-19, but that lead was cut into in the second term following the Broncos’ 13-9 effort. Wyndham again took control to expand the lead out to eight again, before a 17-15 final term for the home side reduced the losing margin to six, 60-66.

Nicola Handreck (18 points, 10 rebounds, four steals and two assists) was instrumental for the winners, knocking down three of seven from long-range. Recording the same three-point numbers, Lauren Jones picked up 11 points and four rebounds, with Georgia Tauschke (11 points, eight rebounds and three assists) and Jessica Scannell (seven points, 10 rebounds and seven assists) productive across the court for the winners. Hailey Wynd was influential for the Broncos with 14 points, 15 rebounds – 10 defensive – and two assists, while Charlotte Lord (13 points, eight rebounds) and Paige Tawaf (11 points, eight rebounds) both had impressive efforts off the boards.

Southern Peninsula (67) defeated by Bulleen (87)

Top of the table Bulleen Boomers came away with the win they just needed to have, but it took until the third term to really shake off a determined Southern Peninsula side. The Sharks actually led by a point at quarter time to suggest they were up for the fight, though the Boomers started to seize momentum in the second term to grab the four-point advantage at the main break. Really putting the foot down in the third quarter, Bulleen opened up an 18-point lead, before finishing it off to make it an even 20 by game’s end, 87-67.

Kate Gaze was unbelievable shooting the rock and recording 33 points, three rebounds, three steals, two assists and two blocks. Providing great support around the court were Hailey Merrigan (18 points, 10 rebounds) and Louella Tomlinson (10 points, nine rebounds, six assists, two steals and two blocks). Southern Peninsula had the two key scorers who recorded double-doubles in Tanarly Hood (17 points, 11 rebounds and four assists) and Raynisha Washington (15 points, 12 rebounds and three assists).

Keilor (80) defeated Whittlesea (63)

Finals hopefuls Keilor Thunder handed Whittlesea Pacers a 14th straight loss, blowing their opponents out of the park to start with and ending with a successful 17-point victory. The Thunder piled on 23 points to seven in the opening term in what looked to be ominous signs for the visitors early, but to the Pacers’ credit they turned it around in the second term to win the quarter 24-16 and cut the deficit to eight points at the half. Keilor regained control by the time the fourth term came around, and got up 80-63.

Ellen Kett was a point away from a triple-double for the Thunder in just 23 minutes on court, finishing with nine points, 14 rebounds – five offensive – 10 assists and three steals. Bianca Babic (14 points, three rebounds and two steals), Zoe Zwerling (13 points, three rebounds and three assists) and Ebony Sans (11 points, 10 rebounds and three assists) were other key scorers in the match. Whittlesea duo Lyndsey Hoogenhout (24 points, 11 rebounds, five blocks and three assists) and Saule Kontautaite (18 points, six assists and four rebounds) were the dominant points scorers for the visitors.

Sunbury (74) defeated Hawthorn (64)

Second placed Sunbury Jets kept hold of their top two spot with a regulation 10-point win over bottom two side Hawthorn Magic. The Jets raced out to an 11-point quarter time lead, and then extended that to 16 by half-time. With the advantage out past 20 at the final break, the Magic piled on the consolation points in the last stanza to cut the final deficit back to 10, 64-74.

Bianca Dufelmeier (19 points, seven rebounds and five steals), Tahnee Cannan (18 points, five rebounds and two steals), Courtenay Wragg (14 points, four rebounds and three steals) and Orla O’Reilly (12 points, five rebounds, five steals and four assists) did the bulk of the damage for the Jets. Five players hit double-figures in a team effort for the Magic, with Bella Niven-Brown‘s double-double of 13 points, nine rebounds, four assists and two steals the highlight. Amy O’Hara (12 points, six rebounds) and Gemma Fyffe (10 points, five assists and four rebounds) were others who impressed.

Picture credit: Basketball Victoria

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