2021 NBL1 West wrap: Round 11

ROUND 11 of the National Basketball League (NBL)1 West competition was done and won on the weekend with a number of one-sided results as the top teams took control in their matches.


Lakeside Lightning v Cockburn Cougars

Lakeside Lightning came out on top during Friday’s clash against the Cockburn Cougars. Their impressive win at Lakeside Recreation Centre begun with a win at the jump ball, before a two-pointer helped them take the first points of the game. Despite the Cougars scoring with two points shortly after, it was not enough to overthrow their early lead. Lakeside’s opening quarter included three free throws and a classy three-point jump shot. Although the Cougars signs in the beginning term, they trailed behind Lakeside by six points.

Lakeside Lightning took advantage with a two-point shot being made and followed on from a missed shot at the basket the Cockburn Cougars. The Cougars scored a two-pointer before calling a time out as scores were 28-15 Lightning’s way. Lakeside Lightning continued to dominate the second period with a string of shots at the basket, pushing their lead to 46. The Cougars rounded out the second term with another time out called and a three-point jump shot being made.

As the third period rolled around, Lakeside Lightning once again kept a hold of the lead. Lakeside opened the period with a three-point jump shot, but a determined Cougars front loomed at large, responding with two three-point jump shots. However, Lakeside Lightning were not eager to give up their lead and this was proved in the final period of the game. As the final term began, scores were 72-35 with Lakeside still in front. The Cougars put another two points onto the board for them, but multiple missed shots at the basket were costly for the side as Lakeside took out the win for the game with the final scores being 83-45.

Lakeside’s Ashleigh Isenbarger was significant in her sides’ win against the Cockburn Cougars, scoring 19 points, 10 rebounds and two assists. Alecia Knowles was also a key part of the win with 16 points and 3 rebounds, along with Kyrah Daniels who impressed with 14 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Jessie Edwards was among best on court for the Cockburn Cougars with 11 points, seven rebounds and one assist. Olivia Bassett-Scarfe was also prominent (five points, four rebounds and one assist).

Willetton Tigers bagged the win against the South West Slammers by 56 points. Rockingham Flames won against the Eastern Suns by 22 points but failed to overcome a powerful Joonadulp Wolves side losing by 11. East Perth Eagles by 47 against the South West Slammers. Perth Redbacks won by 23 against Perry Lakes Hawks and Warwick Senators took out the win over the Eastern Suns by 26 points.


Willetton Tigers defeat South West Slammers (100 – 44)
Lakeside Lightning defeat Cockburn Cougars (83 – 45)
Rockingham Flames defeat Eastern Suns (72 – 50)
Joondalup Wolves defeat Rockingham Flames (71 – 60)
East Perth Eagles defeat South West Slammers (102 – 55)
Perth Redbacks defeat Perry Lakes Hawkes (82 – 59)
Warwick Senators defeat Eastern Suns (100 – 74)


Goldfield Giants v Mandurah Magic

It was a worthy win for the Mandurah Magic, as they saw a 10 point against the Goldfield Giants on Saturday evening. A freethrow made by the Goldfield Giants is what set up an ultimately thrilling contest between the two sides. It didn’t take long for the Mandurah Magic to steal the lead away from Goldfield, seeming to take control of the game by the middle of the first term. Despite a few missed shots – including two three-point jumpshots, it hadn’t seem to dampen the Magic’s opening term. The Giants had lost the lead as quickly as they held it but managed to make a return to the game as scored were levelled 26 both sides heading into the second period. The Goldfield Giants made an impact early in the game as they began the second with two points to the board. But the early impact wasn’t enough to stop Mandurah from continuing to run rampant on the scoreboard. With a timeout called amidst the game, Magic’s highlights included four freethrows being made and a three-point jumpshot. The first half had impressive performances from both sides as scores were 47 to the Mandurah Magic and 49 to Goldfield Giants. It was anyone’s game to win as the third period began. A swift three-point jumpshot from the Giants levelled the scores to 52, the first time in this game. But Mandurah had quickly broken the even score, bursting into the scene five three-point jumpshots. Despite Goldfields best efforts, they continued to trail behind Mandurah’s lead as the third term quickly progressed. Within the first minutes of the last term, the game had begun to intensify as the Giants responded with multiple shots at the basket. Yet it was Mandurah who had continued to cruise through the final period of the game and take out the win against the Giants thanks to two free throws being made in the remaining minutes.

Jerami Grace was a standout for the winning Mandurah Magic with 24 points, seven rebounds and three assists. Mandurah’s Fred Williams also was essential for the win bagging 20 points, four rebounds and two assists, as well as Scott Machado who scored 18 points, 10 assists and seven rebounds. For the Giants, Tom Atkinson performed well (19 points, six rebounds and one assist). Fletcher Klasztorny also was a standout (18 points, nine rebounds and eight assists).

Willetton Tigers claimed victory against the South West Slammers by two points. Lakeside Lightning bagged a win against the Cockburn Cougars by 18 points, whilst Eastern Suns won by four points. Meanwhile, the Cougars, Rockingham Flames and South West Slammers all took out wins against the Geraldton Buccaneers, Joondalup Wolves and East Perth Eagles respectively. Willetton Tigers won out against the Senators by 27. Perry Lakes won against Perth Redbacks by 23. Perth Redbacks won against the Buccaneers by 22 and the Suns defeated the Senators by two points.


Willetton Tigers defeat South West Slammers (76-74)
Lakeside Lightning defeat Cockburn Cougars (85-67)
Eastern Suns defeat Rockingham Flames (98-94)
Cockburn Cougars defeat Geraldton Buccaneers (101-58)
Rockingham Flames defeat Joondalup Wolves (93-75)
South West Slammers defeat East Perth Eagles (86-70)
Mandurah Magic defeat Goldfield Giants (99-89)
Willetton Tigers defeat Warwick Senators (94-76)
Perry Lakes Hawkes defeat Perth Redbacks (97-74)
Perth Redbacks defeat Geraldton Buccaneers (105-83)
Eastern Suns defeat Warwick Senators (96-94)


Picture credit: Travis Anderson

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