Foster feeling determined to overcome injuries

DESPITE some tough injury setbacks, Grace Foster is showing her resilience and looks determined to showcase her talent on the court.

Taking up the game of basketball for her school team in year three before starting domestic basketball in year four, Foster’s love of the game grew from there.

Foster says while there have been some obstacles to overcome throughout her basketball journey, she is enjoying playing in the NBL1 West, for the same club she started with as a junior.

“I started playing at Willetton Tigers, and am I still with them today,” she said. “I loved the environment and the coaches who bought me into the club who developed my game and shot technique from day one at the club.

“I’ve been pretty unlucky with my injuries, getting injured during tournaments. I’ve taken these as fuel to get back on the court better than before though. Especially in the last couple years being apart of WAIS (the Western Australia Institute of Sport), it has really helped me with my rehab and getting back on the court stronger and fitter than before.

“I’ve been so lucky with the girls that I have been playing with in my NBL1 team. I’ve met some girls who will be by my side for the long run.

Alex Sharp is someone in particular that I have absolutely loved playing under. Also Sami Whitcomb played a couple games, so watching her and the way she trains at NBL1 level was really beneficial to me.”

Foster was called up to represent her state of Western Australia and given the captaincy due to her obvious leadership qualities, and said the experience at National Championships was a personal highlight

“Getting the call up to Nationals this year was really special to me because it was my last hoorah to represent my state as a junior,” she said. “What meant even more to me, though was being named captain of the team.

“I love leading my team to be the best we can be as a group.

“This group of girls was special. We had so much fun on and off the court. The coaching staff were amazing and our manager was an absolute legend. I am so proud of the girls and how we overtook adversity at the time.

“I absolutely live for these tournaments. I wish we could have them multiple times a year. Competing against the best athletes in my age group is an honour, and such a challenge.

“I love that I get to learn and gain confidence from versing and coming up against really tough guards and bigs.”

With a very bright future, Foster has plenty more she wants to achieve throughout her career.

“My ultimate goal is to become an Opal and to get there, I will need a lot of stepping stones,” she said. “My first step is going to college. To develop my game further and put myself up against some of the best players in America.

“I have a long way to go, but I love the process and the game, so I’ll work my butt off to get to where I need to be.”

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