Foxwell ferociously attacking development

HAVING produced impactful performances at state level for Victoria and competing in the Big V competition, Joel Foxwell is grateful for the people who have helped take his game to another level.

Starting out in basketball at the age of four, Foxwell says growing up around the sport first sparked his passion.

“I first started to get into the sport mainly because I would always be carrying some sort of ball around the house and throwing it around,” Foxwell said. “Also seeing my mum play netball and dad play basketball gave me the motivation.

“I played for the Bulleen Boomers throughout my juniors and have created some of the best friendships and memories throughout the years. Bulleen was great to me and my brothers and I enjoyed every minute of the journey.”

Foxwell says although missing out on selection was difficult at times, his ability to maintain a positive mindset paid dividends.

“A few basketball barriers were not being selected into the Australian Crocs Under 17s team and missing out on Under 16s nationals due to Covid,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate enough to not go through any major injuries throughout my basketball journey, except for the sprained ankle here and there.

“Sticking to the course and not being selected into those teams and missing out on nationals gave me extra motivation to work even harder.”

Foxwell has been playing for Sandringham over the last two years and has been training with Melbourne United. With such opportunities, Foxwell credits several coaches for his development.

“I can’t thank Sandringham enough for what they have done for me in the past two years,” he said. “Andy Lim has played a significant part in my development and helping me translate my game to suit men’s basketball, and Rhys Carter and David Barlow have also been huge in helping me become a training player with United.

“I’m super grateful for everyone at Sandringham who have helped me in some way in the short time I’ve been there.

Foxwell also suited up for Victoria at the National Championships recently, proving an excellent performer on a stacked roster.

“It meant heaps to me,” he said. “I had already been to two National Championships, so I knew what it was all about and the process leading up to the tournament.

“I was just super grateful that they gave me the chance to represent my state again and it’s always the best feeling when getting that phone call. Almost like a massive sigh of relief.

“The whole week was super fun and created so many memories but also a bit sad as it would be my last one but the fact we won gold off an amazing game winner was maybe the best feeling I’ve ever felt. It was super surreal but amazing to be a part of.

“It means a lot. I’ll probably go and get it framed and hang it in my room somewhere along with my jersey but I wasn’t fortunate enough to win one at other championship tournaments so to win gold in my last one was amazing.”

Currently a development player for United, Foxwell says he has fully embraced and enjoyed being in a NBL environment.

“I’ve loved every minute of it,” he said. “It’s been amazing to walk into the facility every day and be able to compete against pros and high-level talent. I’ve learnt so much in the small amount of time I’ve been here and I feel like I’ve been able to translate all the knowledge I’m gaining from my teammates and put in into my own game.”

Foxwell hopes to keep his development rolling, and is looking at excelling in the situation he is currently in.

“My main goal at the moment is to secure a Development Player spot at United for the upcoming season and have a good NBL1 with Sandringham. My end goal is to play professionally for many years,” he said.

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