NBL Team Overview: Adelaide 36ers

THE upcoming season of the National Basketball League (NBL) is just around the corner, with the season opener slated for the 2nd of December. As the NBL Blitz pre-season campaign comes to a close, sides across the league will be finalising their preparations for their NBL22 campaigns. With that said, it is time for us to take one final look at each team, and how they are faring heading into the upcoming season. First under the microscope is the Adelaide 36ers, who made some handy recruiting in the offseason as they look to improve on last year’s underwhelming campaign.

Adelaide 36ers

Ins: Cameron Bairstow, Dusty Hannahs, Emmanuel Malou, Hyrum Harris, Isaac Gattorna, Lachlan Olbrich, Mitch McCarron, Mojave King, Nick Marshall, Tad Dufelmeier, Todd Withers

Captain: Mitch McCarron

Coach: C.J Bruton

Record last season: 13-23 (7th)


Cameron Bairstow
Daniel Johnson
Dusty Hannahs
Emmanuel Malou
Hyrum Harris
Isaac Gattorna
Isaac Humphries
Kai Sotto
Lachlan Olbrich
Mitch McCarron
Mojave King
Nick Marshall
Sunday Dech
Tad Dufelmeier
Todd Withers

The 36ers have brought in a rejuvenated list ahead of the upcoming season, with the biggest signing being McCarron, who was immediately appointed captain upon arrival. The guard has shown during his time with Melbourne United that he is the leader that so many teams are yearning for. With youngsters Sotto and King set to feature more heavily in their upcoming campaign, the veteran experience of guys like McCarrron and Humphries will prove invaluable by the time round one rolls around. The loss of young star Joshua Giddey may sting, but the clever recruiting that the club has executed will likely cover this, and crisis creates opportunity. They may not be the biggest name in the league, but with McCarron leading the squad and a near-fresh roster, the sky is the limit for Adelaide.

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